Filling the Void

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Sambucus Tarot Collectors EditionToday’s draw is the Tower card, which is traditionally a representation of sudden, chaotic change.  This is the kind of change that  you don’t see coming.  It’s usually big, loud, and filled with chaos and drama.  It is the kind of change that removes those things that need removing so that something new can take its place.

Although the art style is very modern, the theme in this card is classic.  The lightning.  The Tower.  The storm.  It all comes together as a reminder that this kind of change is often destructive, but that that destruction has a purpose.  Instead of focusing on what’s been lost, seek out what there is that can now be brought in to fill the void left behind.


Mr Lionhart’s #TheAugustTarot Be Here Now Prompt
Questions for August 22nd thru 24th

Sea + Soul Journey CardsWhat personal lessons does Virgo want to teach me during Virgo season?

Joy, Believe, and Shine – Virgo wants to help you in developing the ability to lift yourself up, even during difficult times through a sense of faith, hope, and joy. Being a pessimistic person at heart, it is too easy to fall back into old habits, and Virgo season seeks to teach you to hold onto those positive influences in your life that leaning into optimism can provide.

In what area is Virgo guiding me to focus {more} on myself and my needs?

Space and Soothed – Virgo wishes to remind you that meditation is an activity that has a great deal of benefits that are needed in your life. You need to start making sure that you are making the space to allow for this activity to happen each day.

Where can I be more self-reliant and thus less dependent on those around me?

Bliss – Please yourself above others. Make yourself and what you take pleasure in a priority.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Questions for August 21st and 22nd

Sambucus Tarot Collectors EditionWhat memories bring me joy?

Memories of times when you are not lost within yourself and stuck in a place unable to see the world around you clearly (Four of Cups Rx). These memories of times free of depression allow you to see clearly where you are on your chosen path and that you are headed in the right direction (Judgement).

What memories bring me pain?

Times when you have tumbled headlong (The Fool) into addictions and unhealthy practices that are self-harming and otherwise destructive (The Devil Rx).


Daily Self Kindness

I’m almost at the end of my marathon of catching up, but this is another one that I can’t remember what self kindness I did for myself today.

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