That Go Get’em Energy

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Alice in Wonderland Tarot - Knight of FlowersToday’s draw is the Knight of Flowers (Wands), which is traditionally a representation of a projective and active beta energy in the area of one’s passions, willpower, drive, motivation, principles and values, and inner spark.

Yesterday was a rest day.  Today? It’s time to get moving again.   The plan is to get all the stacks of books off the floor and onto the wood shelves. The shelves are in place where I want them to be and I’ve made sure I can navigate their new position without running into them in the dark.

I’d like to get them both finished today if possible, which means filling them with books in alphabetical order and then using whatever room there is left to put some some decor in for aesthetics.  I’m ready to dive into this head first and get it done.


Mr Lionhart’s #TheJulyTarot Be Here Now Prompt
Questions for July 16th thru 18th

The Nomad Soul Warrior Tarot and The Glow OracleWhat cards best describe/define me? {draw up to 3 cards}

Seven of Swords, Superb Bird of Paradise, The Fool Rx – You’re willing to put yourself out there, but only if it doesn’t conflict with your goals and you have a chance to think things through first. You don’t like to play the fool, and you do like to win. There’s a lot of forethought, strategy, and even a bit of illusion/deception will be embraced at times when you are in pursuit of what you want to achieve.

What cards best describe/define my life currently? {draw up to 3 cards}

Ace of Cups Rx, Opossum, Seven of Wands – There’s a lot less outward focus at the moment, and a lot less inward focus as well. Instead you are very much focused on overcoming obstacles in the way of accomplishments you’ve set your sights on. You have found your motivation and lit the spark. It is taking you away from introspection and over-investment in social obligations.

The Nomad Soul Warrior Tarot and The Glow OracleWhat am I asked to meditate on in support of my best self?

Portuguese Man O’War and The Empress – What can you do to ensure that you’re getting the self-care that you need? What is self-care for you? What do you need that’s lacking… or what was lacking that you’ve now discovered?

You’ve made a turn for the better lately in your emotions and energy. What are you feeding that’s giving you this uplift? What needs are being met that are helping turn the tide?

What support or protection is the Universe offering me?

Horseshoe Crab and Eight of Cups – The universe is giving you an opportunity to examine what isn’t working for you and leave it behind. Open up so that you can see more and understand more of what’s going on with you and your energy. Seek out the wisdom of what you need, instead of what you think you need.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2022 Challenge Prompt
Fresh Spinach Day
– What is something healthy you need to do for yourself that you’ve been avoiding?

Alice in Wonderland TarotReading Summary: It’s time to examine (Judgement) how much of what you do in life is driven by a desire of approval from others (Six of Wands), and deal with those inner shadows that perpetuate this pattern of behavior (The Hermit).

Take Away: I’d rather eat mushy canned spinach.  *Chuckles*  The cards aren’t wrong, though.  At all. Just that I am not sure that this is the time to be really delving into shadow work, when I’ve just managed to finally pull myself off the lip of the depression pit I crawled myself out of in the late spring.


Daily Self Kindness

I had play time with Gid today and it felt really good.

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