Weekly Creativity Prompt – Alternate Realities

Prompt: “Pick a random card. Describe how you would translate this same card into a general reading for each of the following different hypothetical scenarios. In each case, the person you are reading for has shared only that one piece of information with you when asking for a general reading.

Pinokkio Tarot by Sagittis• Seeker has a crush on someone.

You are going to find that you are projecting your ideal on this person, but in truth they are someone else entirely. Take some time to pause and really look at what you’re getting into. Talk to others that know this person, and take their observations and perceptions to heart, because you aren’t seeing things clearly right now yourself.

• Seeker just lost their job.

It hurts now, but there is something to learn from this experience.  Wait for the sting to ease and then take a moment to look at your situation. Tend to your wounds and a step back emotionally so that you can look at  your situation with a calm heart and a clear mind, instead of one clouded by pain and emotions.

• Seeker just graduated from college.

It’s time to get some advice from those who have experience in helping you into your next steps (ie: a career counselor, etc).  Right now you feel stuck  and a bit overwhelmed. Too much going on to feel like it’s a time to celebrate. Let someone with a strong background in helping others in your situation to figure out what to do next step in and help you and take a part of that burden you’re carrying.

• Seeker is getting married next week.

You are feeling trapped and the whole “cold feet” thing is really hounding you at the moment. Don’t listen to the whispers of fear that are trying to slip in and lead you astray, instead reach out to your priest, councilor, therapist, or other confidant that you can trust to give you stable unbiased advice and help you through this inner struggle you’re experiencing.

• Seeker is struggling with depression.

Depression is painful and is often a clinical issue that needs the help of a doctor, therapist, or psychologist. It’s time to reach out for help from a professional in these areas. You need someone that can help give you the tools you need to handle your depression in a healthy way, and assist in making the experience easier to work through.

• Seeker wants to have a baby.

There is something going on physically with your body that is holding things back. There is a good chance that doing this on your own without the assistance of a medical professional is going to result in painful experiences that can be avoided if you visit a doctor and look into what’s wrong and what’s holding you back from this dream.


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