The Two Meme Tarot Reading

Shades of Magic Tarot

Your current actions.

Knight of Swords – Leaning in, or rather, the seeking if things to lean in to. There is a desire to avoid stagnancy and getting caught up in standing still.

The option you’re currently taking.

The Hermit – Alone time of the healthy sort. And allowing yourself to take this time alone to recharge, and ground yourself. This means more time in nature now that the weather is turning and you can spend more time connecting with the earth on a deeper level. (It’s much easier on the body to spend time laying down upon sun warmed moss, then on frozen ground.)

The option you’re neglecting.

Five of Crystals (Wands) – Conflict and clashes in values with others that could create chips and cracks in your armor. Staying inside and not getting that healthy alone time makes it more likely (and more common) that you might clash with others.

Take Away: These cards are indicating that as long as I am on a path where I am actively pursuing healthy alone time in order to recharge and ground myself, I will be better able to handle conflict and clashes with others in a way that will be healthier for both myself and them.


Page of Cups – You’ve committed yourself to delving into your emotions, learning how to live with them, and even enjoy them, instead of allowing them to drag you down or burying them so that they become neglected. This is a journey of emotional intelligence that you’ve chosen to embark on.

The problem you’re overthinking.

The World – You don’t have to focus so damn hard on where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Relax and enjoy the ride, listen to your intuition and your moral compass, and don’t worry so much about The end of the journey.


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