Valentine’s Day Tarot Reading

Valentine's Tarot Spread - Luna's Light Angel Tarot

How can I accept myself as I am today?

Nine of Coins – Take some time to look at and admire all that you have accomplished and recognize how well off you actually are. Give yourself credit for all that you’ve done.

What can I do to show myself love today?

Four of Cups – Meditate. Let go of your dissatisfaction and disillusionment. Accept that you have done what you can for today, and that it’s out of your hands now until tomorrow. Brooding on the issue is not going to help you, and is forcing you into an unhealthy state.

How can I best express my love today?

Hanged Man Rx, Seven of Wands atop Chariot Rx – Restrain yourself from going gung-ho into “fight mode”. You know you’re in the right, but getting up in arms is not going to resolve things any sooner. You will draw in more bees with honey than vinegar.

Something someone else does to show me love.

Page of Wands – They give you new and exciting things to focus on to take your mind off of the things that you can’t deal with right now. Gideon, in particular, has been working to distract you through your shared passions and new adventures you create together in your play.

Something that will bring more love into my life.

Three of Swords – Acknowledge your pain, sense of betrayal, and disillusionment, and then let it go instead of holding onto it so that it continues to bleed you. Don’t coil yourself around that pain, or it will continue to cut you over and over again.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day Tarot Reading

  1. I hope that I helped to make your Valentine’s day a good one. And now that the Etsy issues seem to be resolved, hopefully nudging you farther from the slippery slope will be easier.

    Things are looking up, lets keep that momentum going

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