Work In Progress

Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and was not guided today nor from an app.  Instead it was just ten minutes of steady breathing combined with some stretching.

Serpent and the Peacock Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Eight of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of working hard, possible apprenticeship, building skills and expertise, and perfectionism.

This view stated in the Thera-Pets card is something that I struggle with a lot, but over time I have worked on accepting it more.  That’s not to say that it still isn’t a struggle, but yet? I think it’s a wonderful idea. I really do.

But?  I also accept that this is a work in progress for me.

And here is where the message in today’s cards lies.  It’s in the fact that we aren’t perfect. It’s in the fact that we all still have things to work on.  In ourselves… in our lives.  We have things to do, and to do better. We have a chance to be better, but it’s going to take some work to get there.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt for the Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Question for September 25th thru 27th

Forest Fae Cards and The Lonely Dreamer TarotHow can I say no to others and yes to myself more?

The Green Man and The Tower – Remember that everyone else has to go through their own Tower moments for growth as well. You can’t save the world, and if you did, no one would grow and change, mature, or develop into better people.

How can I stop taking criticism personally?

Away We Fly and Five of Pentacles – Don’t be reactionary when confronted with criticism. Instead, use your imagination to consider how this criticism can be useful to you. Even criticism that is cruel and non-constructive can be useful.

Do I believe my opinion matters?

The Old Paths and Spirit – Absolutely. The experiences gained in your life are combined with your highly attuned sense of intuition and your moral compass, which often can make your opinion extremely useful to others. You also rarely speak on those things that you have no opinion or experience to base your opinion on, making when you do speak up of greater value.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheSeptemberTarot Rise and Fall Prompt
Questions for September 25th thru 27th

Serpent and the Peacock Tarot and Apesos New TarotWhat can I do to prepare myself for this Mercury Rx?

Undone atop Light, The Emperor – Brace yourself for some misunderstandings and take care to not to make assumptions based on too little knowledge. If your foundation is steady, you will weather these upsets and come out the other side no worse for wear, so make sure you go into this Mercury Rx on steady footing.

What am I asked to reflect on during this Mercury Rx?

Temperance and Wood + Stone x2 – There is more to see and more to learn, more curiosity to sate, but you need to walk, not run. This is an encouragement and an invitation to take more time in nature and really sink into your connections with the earth during this time, but take care to be gentle with that ankle while doing so.

Something I need to leave alone until after Mercury Rx?

Animal and Strength – This is an echo of the answer to the previous question. It is a reminder that you are injured and it would be unwise to ignore it or push too hard right now. Give your ankle time and gentle treatment so that it can heal.


Daily Self Kindness

I did the spinach thing again with my smoothie this morning (I have a tub of the stuff that I need to use up before it goes bad). I also made sure to have my tea, and did my meditation…. and dawdled a bit with the phone before all hell broke loose.  I also managed to take a breath and let go of that toxic shit from this morning on IG.

One thought on “Work In Progress

  1. Extra vitamins are good, babyboy. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself

    Have you had that ankle checked out, man? I know you haven’t been resting it as much as you should, but I’m starting to worry at how long this injury has been going on. I don’t want you aggravating the healing process if you need a boot or something

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