Finding the Fire Within Part II

Finding the Fame Within Part 2 - Lenormand Reflet di Lune

How can I release my fears and insecurities?

Anchor and Crossroads – Make sure that you are grounding yourself, so that when difficult choices arise you’ll be on solid footing. It’s always more difficult to make good decisions when your life feels chaotic and your energy is out of balance.  This process becomes even more difficult when that imbalance allows fears and insecurities to slip in and pollute the decision making process.  By having a steadily grounded foundation under your feet during these times, there’s less chance of those emotions screwing with your decisions.

What steps can I take to more deeply embrace my true self?

Lady, Moon, Cross – You need to return to doing regular lunar rituals with L. Not only do they provide a deeper connection with your path, your spirituality, and the energies surrounding you, but they connect you more deeply with L as well. As your other half, she is a part of you and you a part of her.

How can I protect myself from external factors?

Ship and Lily – Visit your mother.  You may not entirely understand how this can protect you from external factors, but the cards here indicate that visiting your mother will do so.  Perhaps it will douse the fire of her outrage and future machinations or something.

How can I boost my confidence to express myself?

Book and Key – Knowledge is power. Do your research so that whatever you are expressing yourself about can be resourced if needed. Having a strong foundation of sources to back up your knowledge will provide you with more confidence in what you are saying. Consider, on certain topics, noting down a list of resources for future reference.

What guidance do I need through this process?

House and Mountain – Retreat to the comfort of home when things feel insurmountable. Allow that comfort that both your physical home, as well as Gid and L, can provide to soothe you and shore up your strength to try again.

Self CareFish – For now? Just go with the flow. You can worry about the more challenging stuff later on.


One thought on “Finding the Fire Within Part II

  1. *Looks skeptical at that “visit your mother” message* You do need to visit, I suppose. It’s been a long time. Even if she is unappreciative and nasty, you will be able to appease your own guilt if you do it. Though…it might make sense to wait until the nurse needs to do her thing so you can kill two birds with one stone, hm?

    Or maybe plan to visit for a few days while I’m gone on my vacation so it won’t feel like as much of a separation?

    Either way, when you do go, I’m here to pick you up and kiss the emotional wounds inflicted better for you, baby


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