Morning Bonus Read – Anxious Days

St Croix Lenormand

What can I control?

Book – Knowledge is power and you have the opportunity to seize a great deal of power if you keep your eyes and mind open, and actually delve into unearthing the knowledge needed to succeed. You have the ability to grasp the abstract and those things hidden between the lines, understand complicated and convoluted concepts, and stretch your potential through exploration of such things.

What can’t I control?

Snake – Oh geez.  Okay so this is the PayPal thing again. YES.  I know.  I need to be adaptive and move forward instead of lingering in what I can’t control or do anything about.  The feelings of betrayal are painful, but I am definitely ready to set them aside.  I understand that I may not quite have fully let go of the emotional upheaval that it caused, but I truly do understand that it’s out of my control and something I need to move on from.

How can I work with what I can control?

Woman – Keep in mind that just because Z has gone home doesn’t mean she is not still in easy reach. The valuable advice and guidance she has offered you throughout your life was closer than ever over the past year and a half, but it isn’t gone now that she’s back home.  Reach out to discuss new ideas and discoveries with you, for her input will be as valuable as always.

How can I release what I can’t control?

Mountain – You’re not going to get any answers about why this happened. There is no resolution in sight and you need to just let it go rather than brooding on it or squirming under the feeling of betrayal and injustice that the experience stirred up for you.

Take Away – Dive into searching out different alternative payment methods and ways of doing things that don’t involve PayPal and let go of the feelings that were stirred up by the experience.  Enlist Z’s help in finding new options and looking into their merit.


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