A Time To Heal

Today’s meditation was skipped.  No excuses or even any real reason, to be honest. I just didn’t do it.

Vintage Book Illustration Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is The Tower card, which is traditionally a representation of the calamity and chaos of sudden, unexpected upheaval and change. The Tower card reminds us that for new good things to be built, the old and rotted remnants of what once stood must first be torn down.

The thing is?  Sometimes when that upheaval happens, it hurts. Surprises can hurt, destruction can be painful, especially if you’re needing to let go of something that, although has served its purpose and is no longer needed, you are still clinging to tightly.

These wounds can make it a struggle to move on, and healing requires time.  Sometimes, healing moves smoothly, but not always.  Today’s cards are a reminder that sometimes this healing can take time… and that is perfectly okay.  There’s no set time limit, and no deadline. The best healing takes place at its own pace.


CoffeexTarot’s Who’s Your Spirit Guides? Prompt
for August 22nd thru 24th

Essential Oils Healing Cards and Vintage Book Illustration TarotHow do I open myself to your guidance?
Geranium (Pelagonium graveolens) and Page of Cups

Accept that you’re not skilled with dealing or understanding your emotions yet, and you need help in order to both deal as well as heal. Guidance is needed when learning a new things, and that includes learning about your emotions and going through emotional growth.

Cautions you have for me.
Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum) and Nine of Pentacles

Self-medicating with things that give small, temporary moments of pleasure at a time when you are flirting with the edge of depression is not a good idea. Find other ways to achieve those small moments of pleasure that don’t include entertaining your more addiction motivated tendencies.

What areas of my life need change?
Ylang-Ylang (Cananga odorata) and Five of Wands

Consider working on sex without drowning. You don’t have to drown every time, and it would be good for you to have the bonding experience of that union without always going through the drop that comes after a drown.


Daily Self Kindness

I vented (and had a good cry) about my run-in with the bigot in the supermarket parking lot instead of holding it in.

One thought on “A Time To Heal

  1. This day was definitely a tower kinda day..and while today was better? It’s still not good enough. I’m hoping that Friday we can soothe those edges of yours and give you a little peace in all this.

    I love you, babyboy

    And I have to say that I had mixed feelings when I read the sex without drowning part of things. I mean…the drop is alot, I know it is, and I wish I could make it easier for you…but having you actively avoid drowning makes me sad too. And yes, I’m a greedy ass, but of course, if it is better for you and you can avoid so many drops, we’ll try.

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