Morning Bonus Read – Standing in Your Power

Women of High Fantasy Tarot

1. What is often the reason I don’t stand in my power? (I had to rephrase this one.)

Queen of Coins – Because I want to support others, and sometimes that means toning myself down for a more gentle approach.  The aggressive tactics that I use on myself are not suitable to helping others. (Okay, so they’re not really suitable to be used on myself either, but that’s for another time.)

2. What I’m scared of about channeling my power.

Four of Coins Rx – Getting stuck in a rut of my own making. I’ve pushed so hard on certain methods and agendas for so long, that I worry I won’t be able to break free of the unhealthy ones. What -is- my power exactly if not that hard shove that gets things done? I know this is my inner uncertainties speaking, but it feels like a valid question.

3. A way that I can stand in my power.

The Lovers – Focus on making healthy choices and leaning into Gideon for help on staying on track.  I’m not in this alone and I don’t have to feel like I am.  Isolation may be a go-to habit, but it’s not a healthy one.

4. What I could accomplish if I did stand in my power.

Ace of Wands – The potential is endless, as I would be able to direct that powerful inner drive of mine in any direction I wished.

5. Something I should be more confident about.

The Magician – My capability and ingenuity. I am adaptive and able to make things work in my favor through the skills and abilities that I possess. Although I project confidence in this area, there’s often a feeling of self doubt when trouble comes knocking and I have to put these qualities into action.

6. How I can be more confident that the universe has my back.

Imagery in the Eight of Coins – Remember that everything is connected and it is through this connections that the universe helps and guides.  Support comes in all shapes and forms.


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