Follow Your Spark

Today’s meditation was just over twelve minutes long, and was the second installment of the Foundations II series on the Balance app.   Today, the series introduced the method of labeling, which is something I’m familiar with from other meditation exercises that I have done in the past.  I had a very hard time staying focused today and may end up repeating this installment in the series again as a result.

Tarot of the Imagination and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Chariot card, which is a representation of moving forward, will power, and the strength to choose one’s own direction and path, and plow forward upon it with determination.

“Follow the Spark” is an excellent message for The Chariot, as it encourages going after those things that really mean something to you, inspire you, and hold value for you.

It’s all well and good to push ourselves forward in the direction we want to go, demand the prize at the end of our hard work, etc.  But how many of us really take a deep down look at where we’re going and what we’re striving for?

Are you striving for someone else’s dreams? Or your own? Whose judgements, values, and desires do you allow to push you forward? Are they yours?  Are you sure? Take a look. Delve in. Find what truly lights -your- fire. And if your direction needs some realigning to go in that direction?  Use your willpower and determination to adjust your trajectory in the direction of what you truly want in life.


#DiscordTarotholicsAug2021 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
: Can we understand good without evil?

Tarot of the ImaginationReading Summary: No matter your journey (Three of Wands), life is about balance, they are connected and always seeking that balance (Ten of Wands and Ten of Cups. Seeking only the good and positive (Five of Cups) doesn’t mean the evil and negative are not still there (Five of Pentacles).

Side Note: I had forgotten how much I like this deck.  It’s been a while since I’ve picked this one up.

Take Away: The answer here is no, but more than that, it indicates that when you try to eliminate the negative and evil from life, you set yourself up to be surprised by them when they rear their ugly heads in order to restore balance.


Daily Self Kindness

The problem with playing catch up is that if I didn’t take a note about something done on the day? Sometimes I just can’t remember a couple days later when I’m trying to write it out. Today was one of those days. I didn’t write it down and I have NO idea what self kindnesses I might have done this day other than trying to relax and take it easy.

One thought on “Follow Your Spark

  1. At least its’ not just me playing catch up this week *Chuckles*

    Almost there…at least for yours…then I have to go and try to catch up on mine. Not today though, my mind is too full of worry about you and irritations of home and I just can’t focus

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