Morning Bonus Read – Releasing Chaos

The Ellis Deck - Shed That Shit Tarot Spread

What is disrupting my peace of mind?
Two of Pentacles atop Eight of Swords

I spent a good deal of time in the fall trying to run away from my thoughts and feelings about switching from the emotional growth of the summer to the responsibilities and overwhelm of the holiday rush.  Unfortunately, this created a bit of a procrastination situation that has developed into a harder time with balancing work and home now that the holiday rush has arrived.

Not being as prepared as I’d like to be (even though it’s my own damned fault) is definitely disrupting my peace of mind.

Why am I still allowing this to affect me?
Five of Cups

Because I regret fucking up. I’m experiencing the repercussions of the procrastination I indulged in during the fall. I do understand that I’m going to need to let this disappointment in myself go, though, as it will only cause me another hurdle during an already difficult and busy time.

How can I release what no longer serves me?
Five of Swords atop The Fool

The foundation of success lies in letting go and freeing myself to fully dive into the enthusiasm of the rush. There is pleasure and adventure in the process if I allow it… so let go of the tension and the tightness and the self-recriminations, and dive in.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Releasing Chaos

  1. It was a process, love. Something you needed to work through(and still aren’t entirely sure of)…it happens when there is growth, hm? Adjustments are needed and mistakes are made.

    Though next year when the fall comes, you will have already done this (with emotions intact) and you will be able to better navigate the prep time without having this dread and procrastination to bog you down so much.

    You’re going to get through it, babe. And yeah, falling behind sucks, but you’ve got this.
    It’s only temporary, my love. And soon it will be Christmas and it will all be over with and you can relax again.

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