Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Salesman

Pull up to three cards use them as the foundation to tell us a cautionary tale.

Creepy Tarot

Temperance – There was once an insurance salesman named Nick that spent his entire life taking one caution after another.  He never over-ate, even when the food was good.  He never over spent, no matter how much he might want something.  He never took a single risk in his life.  Because he sold life insurance to others, he felt it was important to live by example and show people that with proper precautions and proper care it is possible to live a long and healthy life, spend as much time with their loved ones as possible, and then pass away knowing those loved ones would be cared for.

Justice – The irony was that Nick didn’t have any loved ones.  He spent his life alone, moving from day to day and year to year living an empty life with not a single remarkable moment with which to hold close and treasure.  His over abundance of caution in turn left him in a prison of his own making.

The World – One day as he was creeping up on his sixth decade of life, he met a lovely silver haired woman named Meredith.  This woman was beautiful and vibrant, with a laugh that spoke volumes about a life well lived and fully enjoyed.  She enchanted him with her smile and began to pull him into her life one small step at a time, introducing him to a world of bright colors and bountiful flavors and memories filled with joy.  And as he spent more and more time with her, he moved further and further away from the old and drab life he had lived, and into a new and vibrant life of joy and celebration.

Moral of the Story – Don’t allow an overabundance of caution to hold you back from filling your life with vibrant experiences and joyous relationships.


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