Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Last Dandelion

Pull (at least) three cards use them as the foundation to tell us about a natural and/or fictional creature’s greeting of the Fall season.

Wonderland Tarot (Majors Only)The Bloom – When the season first changed (Death), I felt like I was on top of the world (The Emperor) and all of my usual uncertainties (The Moon) and inhibitions were set aside for the enjoyment of the new season (The Fool).

The Tuft – But soon my inner dialogue started coming in and nitpicking at every little silly thing I was doing (Judgement) and telling me that I had to make a choice for a more responsible path (The Lovers).

The Seeding – I did what it said and I threw away my joyous celebration of the season in the process (The Chariot).

The Empty Bud – Now I feel like I fucked up (The Tower). I need to retreat and reevaluate (The Hermit) and delve deep into my own inner secrets of why I did what I did (The High Priestess). Hopefully my progeny will do it better and differently (Wheel of Fortune).


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