Gideon’s Challenge


It comes
with the softest touch.
like a feather.
like the kiss of sunlight.
With senses
even the slightest brush
creates fireworks.

As much rough and tumble as we enjoy, it’s the tender moments that sink the deepest.  Intimacy between us is so intense and often violent, and yet the aftercare is the sweetest tenderness I’ve ever known. I do not need to be treated like delicate porcelain, I crave that intensity and collision of power and need… but it’s the tenderness that comes after that touches the heart and breaks open the inner protective shell, granting you access to that part of me that none other has ever been allowed to witness or touch.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography



One thought on “Gideon’s Challenge

  1. It is a careful balance, my love. It all that you crave in the violence and intensity and -take-…and everything you need when things turn soft and tender and loving. One without the other can be achieved, but to go as deep as I like to go, to reach to the very core of you and -own- it? We need a little of both.

    And I love that you love the tenderness. I love that you crave that, that you need it.

    You are perfect, my heart. Absolutely fucking precious


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