Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 2020

When the moon is full, its energies are at their peak. The placement of the moon in the sky this full moon is within the constellation of Sagittarius, which imbibes the full moon’s energies with that of the Sagittarius astrological sign. This places the theme of this month’s full Strawberry Moon as one of cresting energies surrounding enthusiasm and adventure, as well as one of intense sussing out of truths, often through the exploration of culture, philosophy, and religion.

This search for truth gives us an opportunity to reflect upon and acknowledge old wounds and internal struggles, to take ownership of these wounds, and to use the power of the moon to take back control. Then, as the moon’s energies wane over the next two weeks, we can then take those truths we have confronted and allow the moon’s waning energy to help us in discarding what no longer serves us.

Full Moon in Sagittarius Spread by Ethony

Yesterday was the full moon, and like all new moons and full moons, I did a spread aligned to the moon’s current themes as a part of my recognition of the moon’s cycle and influences upon us.  Today’s spread is brought to you by Ethony‘s Tarot By the Moon series.

1. What impulses need taming?

Eight of Cups – As I struggle with difficult situations there is often an urge to just throw up my hands and say “fuck this” and walk away.  This is especially true when it comes to areas where emotional wounds are being poked and prodded. A number of readings I’ve done about the month ahead have spoken on a rise of emotional distress and discomfort.  The Eight of Cups here indicates I need to make sure I don’t retreat, but stick around and find a solution instead.

2. Where can I best direct my energy?

Wheel of Fortune – I would be best served by focusing my energies on staying centered.  There is a great deal of symmetry in this card, all surrounding that blue center point where the spinning wheel’s axis resides.   The message here is to be the axis rather than the chaos of the centripetal force.   Focus on staying centered and calm.

3. How can I best direct my aggression?

Five of Swords – Winning.  I should direct my aggression toward those tasks and projects that need an extra bit of “oomph” so that I do not allow them to make me feel overwhelmed but instead can use the energy and focus from my aggression to plow through them and come out on top.

4. How can I add a little spice to my life?

Temperance – Stop trying so hard.  This has to do with the posture of the angel, who does not hold vessels in their hands… and yet appears to be trying to regardless. If I want to add a little spice in my life, I need to remember to allow my hands to be empty and my time free to experience new things and joyous moments.

5. What spiritual and personal beliefs need re-examining?

The Empress – I don’t like this card today.   Something feels wrong about the monkey and the tiger and the exposed breast.   The message here is to be careful where you put your energies and who you trust.  Not everyone respects or deserves the energy that you put into helping and nurturing others.  Make sure that you are choosing the recipients of those pieces of yourself (and your time and energy as well) more wisely.


One thought on “Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 2020

  1. I love you, babyboy. I hope whatever this emotional upheaval is, it is something that be easily overcome and passes quickly. I don’t want you to hurt a second longer than absolutely necessary.

    I had an entirely different answer for your aggression *Waggles brows* but I suppose winning is good *Chuckles*

    I miss you, babe. Things have felt a little off the last few weeks and though I’ve gotten a little bit of time with you, they still feel off. I’m not sure what it’s about, but hopefully that too passes quickly. I miss our time together and that deeper connection. I love you, man. Always

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