Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Pages

Pull the Pages from a deck of your choice. Do you have someone in your life that fits with one of these cards? Do you have people in your life that would fit with each of them? Tell us about the connection you see between each Page card and the person in your life it represents.

Trippin' Waite Tarot

Page of Pentacles –  Slow and steady wins the race is the story of her life.  She always loved the story of the turtle and the hare growing up, and she has spent her life following the example the turtle set.  She saves her pennies and contributes to the dreams of others, and now as she finally comes to a point in her life where she has everything together and security in place, it’s time to turn her attention to learning how to preserve what she has gained and help it to flourish and grow.

Page of Cups – Curiosity and self expression have filled his life with a journey filled with flavors and colors and a vast world of imagination and swirling seas of emotional experiences.  He’s loved and lost and loved again, and he brings his heart and soul and vulnerability into each project and relationship he is a part of.  This has served him well and he’s grown and learned from mistakes, gathered in those that are just right for him and support his dreams, letting others fall away that do not.   Now with those that make his heart sing around him, he seeks to step forward and learn more about his emotions, his relationships, and the world around him through the eyes of imagination and intuition.

Page of Wands – An entrepreneur at heart, he is a man of many hats and has explored every interest and passion that has come his way.  He started a business all his own and rode the ups and downs that come with striking out on your own.  He follows his passions and sometimes? It doesn’t work out quite as planned.  Now, finds himself once more at the first step of a journey… except this time? He will do things differently.  This business will have all of the benefits of the lessons learned from the one that failed before.

Page of Swords – Her life has been filled with struggle and strife. She’s been knocked down once and again, stabbed in the back by others and battled her own inner demons. Coming out the other side, she has learned that even the worst of experiences have something to learn within them. She takes these experiences with with her now, and seeks to turn them into expertise.


One thought on “Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Pages

  1. I actually read this on the discord page, but I did wonder who they were describing(except for one, which stood out to me as -you-, of course. That one I pegged immediately)

    Great challenge babe.

    Liked by 1 person

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