Gideon’s Challenge

Pagan SpiritualitySpirituality…

These are the energies
I revere in my practice
and connect to
most strongly
upon my path.

These energies are never more evident than in the rainforests I am most at home within, where life abounds in so many ways, blending with death and a dance of balance and creation.

Every time I visit the forests, I am filled not just with a sense of respect and reverence, but with abject wonder at my surroundings and the constant give and take that balance requires that can be seen and felt in every leaf, root, soil, insect, and creature.

This is my home.  My soul’s breath.  My spirituality.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

One thought on “Gideon’s Challenge

  1. *Grins* This is beautiful, baby. Both the imagery and the words, the sentiment.

    My beautiful little faerie boy. I love you so much. So much. And that spirituality is such a big, big part of who you are. It’s glorious, my heart

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