Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?


EarthThe Emperor and Balance – This week you have everything in hand and running well.  You know where all of your money is and where it’s going, and need only to focus on keeping things balanced to take this week in hand and make it yours.  Yes, balance will take a bit of work, but that work will not be spurred by uncertainty or fear, but rather by a feeling of strength and control.

AirQueen of Emotions, Hanged Muse, Clarity –  This week is going to give you the opportunity to see your emotions in a different way.  The cobwebs and fog of fear and uncertainty will give way to a clarity of understanding on where things are going concerning your emotional growth and how you’re going to get there.

Water – Eight of Materials and Understanding – Carrying over from the clarity of the mind, the cards here speak of developing stronger skills concerning my emotions and allowing that clarity of mind to connect with a sense of understanding within the heart.  There is no warning here, just encouragement to allow myself to learn and grow, and to keep myself open to the process.

FireTwo of Voices, Ten of Emotions, Emotion – Again we land in the realm of the emotions even in the position of fire.   Choices need to be made to either allow myself to embrace the emotional development in the works… or not.

WaningNew England Aster – This week is not the week for action or quick leaps forward.  Take your time. Take a breather.  Allow yourself to step back from the constant push forward and, although this doesn’t mean abandoning responsibilities, it does mean not pushing to do more than is needed this week.  Give yourself the time and room to grow.

WaxingLand Within/Out –  Find the balance between what is without and what is within and the card here echos the reflection of seeing a heavy presence of emotion spread throughout all positions of this reading.  It speaks of a need to allow your emotions freedom instead of containing them in that dark, closed up space inside, hidden and secluded from the rest of yourself… and the rest of the world.

Take Away –  The presence of a heavy emotion element in all four sections of the reading speak of needing to make some room to let your emotions and your emotional growth take the forefront this week.  Don’t allow yourself to fall into the work and close out what’s happening.  Stay alert and aware of the inner shifting going on in the heart and don’t step on your own toes by forcing pessimistic viewpoints that aren’t needed.  Ease up and allow yourself to feel this week, and take care not to smother or beat down positive emotions, or negate them with negative self talk.


One thought on “Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

  1. This week’s reading it a very positive one, also, as you say, very focused on emotions. Also, keep in mind that you drown deep last night and though the first hints of tension are already niggling at you, this means that a drop is coming…possibly sooner rather than later if that bit of tension so early on is any indication.
    I am hoping that you get to enjoy this space for a bit, to wallow in that feeling of being small and vulnerable and yet still hungry for more. But whether or not this part of the process lasts, eventually the drop will come and with that drop means emotions. Alot of them and sometimes pretty heavy.

    So remember when the drop comes, as with the messages in the cards, stay open to it, let it happen and take it one step at a time. And lean on me, baby. That’s what I am here for. Let me help you through it, let me hold you.

    Whether it’s for the drop or the new depth of emotions, or both, let me help you, my love. I’m right here for you baby. Always

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