Rise Above

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and fifty seconds, and focused on using eating as an exercise in mindfulness.

In other words, paying attention when you eat rather than just putting it in your mouth and not remembering that you did, or tasting the food, or not enjoying the food.

In the process of becoming more mindful while eating, you then become far more aware of the food that you’re eating and can often feel more satiated in the process, as well as introducing another area of enjoyment into your life.

Today’s draw is the Five of Pentacles, and the Six of Wands. Neither of them is a jumper, but instead they were stuck together when they Emerged from the deck.

The Five of Pentacles is a representation of trials, tests, harshness, and challenges in the area of resources, money, In the physical world. It can also represent a mindset of loss or lack.

The Six of Wands is a representation of Cooperation, harmony, and vitality in the areas of willpower, passion, drive, and the inner spark.

Together, the appearance of these cards speaks of rising above a mindset of lack and feelings that this is a time of need.

These cards are a reminder to count my blessings, rather than always looking at the world through the perspective of my glass being half empty.

This perspective is part of what makes me work so hard… But I need to remember that I am also very blessed in my life. Both of the people that I have in it, and in my situation as a whole.

3 thoughts on “Rise Above

  1. I remember when you absolutely loved food. So much so that you made eating into am artform…in my eyes at least. Though I think having to work so hard at getting enough of it has taken the enjoyment out if it and made it a necessary chore.

    You need to remember to find joy in your food again.

    I hope you are enjoying your little vacation man. And relaxing. I miss you so much

    I love you


    • I think it’s not just the sheer volume of food, man. That has always been a struggle, but also the restrictions involved these days. It’s harder to focus on the fun of eating, when there’s a constant need to keep in mind what I can’t have, or have to carefully moderate.

      I love you


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