The Value in Traditions

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Lunalapin Tarot - The HierophantToday’s draw is the Hierophant card, which is traditionally  a representation of tradition and spiritual wisdom shared with others. It can also be an indication of institutions and conformity to expected norms.

The Hierophant card can be looked at in a variety of different ways.  I prefer to see it as a teacher… like a grandfather or wise woman teaching family traditions.  But, in this particular card’s imagery there is a great deal of Christian symbolism, which makes me lean into themes that have to do with conformity.

This is because in my experiences interacting with those that are very active in the church, there’s a whole lot of expected conformity among the group as a whole. An expectation that those involved must follow blindly, obey without analytical thought, and conform to certain prejudices and behaviors.  I’m not saying everyone in this demographic is that way, but it does seem the prevailing norm from an outside perspective.

And… probably not a surprise, but I’m not comfortable with that.  Neither are a lot of other people, apparently, because I run into people all the time in my interactions in the Pagan community of people that have left due to these issues, and rejected/discarded traditions just because it was expected of them to conform to them.

The thing is?  Traditions are great.  They create bonds in society and connections between people.  They carry the value of established history.  Today’s card is a reminder not to discard tradition simply because it’s expected of you to observe it.  Look for the value first.  Dive into the history and learn why these traditions are upheld.  It might even take shaking things up a bit to get to the answers you seek… but seek out the value first, then decide if they’re right for you or not.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2023 Challenge Prompt
Questions for April 3rd and 4th

Nakisha's OracleWhat kind of person do you truly want to become?

Solitary, Day, Fawn – Independent, hopeful, and filled with wonder while being protected and cared for. To possess the ability to allow others to do this for you without the fear of losing your independence and autonomy.

What do you need to focus on for self-care for tomorrow’s full moon?

Guide, Shore, Fire – Let go of the idea that you have to do everything yourself. Instead, embrace the new lessons you have been given on letting others help you.

The more you lean into these lessons, the better off you will feel later on down the line.  With the full moon in full swing, more people means more energy to put towards your goals.


@Lionharts #TheAprilTarot Light My Fire Challenge Prompt
: How can I best embrace and embody a more carefree spirit in the present moment?

Lunalapin Tarot - Page of Swords, Ten of Swords, Three of Pentacles< Knight of WandsReading Summary: Let others help you with the things you are most enthusiastic about. Teaching them the ropes doesn’t mean they’ll stab you in the back.

Take Away: Yet another “you don’t have to do everything yourself” reminder.  Although you’ve done will at starting on this journy, there’s still a long way you have left to go.

Allow those you trust to actually help you. Teach them the skills they need to assist you in your passionate pursuits.

It’s not impulsive to trust those you are closest to with the secrets of your success and the skills used to further your goals. They won’t take that information and run as others might.


Daily Self Kindness

My self kindness for today was staying in the car for most of the different store trips on the errands list for today and letting others deal with hunting down the things on the shopping list that needed to be purchased.

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