Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Hanged Man

Prompt: “Pull the Fool card from your deck(s). Compare the imagery between the card provided below and the card(s) from your own deck(s). How would you read them differently and why?

Modern Love Tarot - The Hanged ManModern Love Tarot – I lie with my head at the foot of my bed when I am meditating, and also during any type of daytime nap.  It allows me to open my eyes and immediately orient myself to the fact that it’s daytime and not morning.  This is what this card reminds me of, as it speaks of different perspectives providing you with different feedback.  Feedback that allows you to orient and prepare yourself.  The Hanged Man in this deck is about allowing yourself to step aside to consider new perspectives, but is also about how those new perspectives influence your day to day and your reactions to the world around you.  It asks… how can changing your perspective help you in navigating your world a little easier?

Lunalapin Tarot, Britt's Third Eye Tarot, Sasuraibito Tarot

Lunalapin Tarot – The imagery in this card is classic, regardless of the fact it’s a bunny hanging from the tree instead of a man. With the sun behind him, the bunny hangs inverted and sees the world from another perspective where everything is reversed. His wide stretched whiskers indicate that the rabbit looks out on this new view with interest, taking in everything he can see.  The imagery in this card is about gathering information and taking the time to really look at a situation from all angles instead of from our own personal perspective alone.

Britt’s Third Eye Tarot – The splayed fingers and cupped palm of the hand featured in the imagery of this card speaks of the stress and strain of dangling by that appendage. The owner of the hand isn’t hanging peacefully, but caught in the rope’s grip and held tight, forced to stillness instead of it being a choice. In this card, we see the the Hanged Man’s pause as something to be caught in instead of as a choice. The pause is a necessity… possibly one forced upon us.  Here we are encouraged to see this pause for what it is… opportunity, even if also perhaps an unwelcome inconvenience.

Sasuraibito Tarot – Here in this Hanged Man, we see the consequence of lingering too long in our pursuit of perspectives beyond our own.  Although seeing things from different perspectives is a good thing, if you spend too long doing so, you miss the opportunity to use these perspectives in any useful way… just as the man in this card has hung so long from the tree that he has begun to waste away while the world weeps for his lost opportunities.  Don’t pause for so long that it becomes a detriment to you and your goals.


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