Be Open, Be Curious

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Science Tarot - Benzene Dream - The High PriestessToday’s draw is the High Priestess, which is traditionally a representation of intuition, secrets, sacred knowledge, mystery, the subconscious,

The “Benzene Dream” is the true story of a scientists (that I can’t remember the name of) in the 19th century working on mapping out the particles of Benzene and getting stumped in the process, then coming to the solution in a dream about an ouroboros and waking up with the answer that had been alluding him.

The story that the imagery in this card speaks of is a reminder that we know far more than we realize. Our brains are always working, and sometimes we are able to access this information easily, while other times it is a mystery that requires meditation, sleep, dreams, intuition, or other tools to suss out from the depths what we need.

The message in today’s card is encouragement to never be afraid to say “I don’t know”, for it is in that phrase that curiosity and mystery lives… and in turn, gives us the opportunity to explore, delve deeper, expand our horizons, and learn more.


Mr Lionhart’s #TheJulyTarot Be Here Now Prompt
Questions for July 4th thru 6th

Wild Unknown Tarot and Herbal OracleWhat am I guided to nurture {instead of trying to control}? 

Eight of Wands atop Two of Cups, Star Anise – Dive into the bonds that you have with those that you connect well with, and don’t worry so much about the ones you don’t. There’s truth in the saying that you can’t please everybody all the time, so focus on nurturing relationships with those that hold similar values and compatibilities. Doing so will help foster a feeling of good fortune in your life.

This falls into understanding that you have what (and who) you need in your life if you are only willing to pay attention, acknowledge, and appreciate what you already have instead of constantly reaching for more.

How can I embody that which I am passionate about?

Nine of Cups and Queen of Potions – Again we see a message about what is already in your possession, as well as the potential for emotional satisfaction if we delve into these things and explore them more in depth. There is no need for expansion if you choose to go deeper instead.

In what area/way can a nurturing approach enrich my life?

Five of Cups and Clove – [Okay so this reading has officially become extremely redundant, which I can only assume means that I really need to hear this message right now.]

The cards here are a reminder to not take for grated the stability that you have created in your life. No amount of stability and security is ever going to be “enough” until you can find peace and appreciation with what you currently have.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2022 Challenge Prompt
Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
– What in your life is too hot to handle right now and you need to give it some space.

Science TarotReading Summary: Listen to your heart when making decisions (Seven of Cups) and plotting your course forward (Two of Wands) in order to find a healthy and harmonious balance (The Lovers).

Take Away: Stop leaning so damned heavily into logic. Leaning into logic is all well and good and definitely has its place, but there’s a lot to be said for instinct, intuition, and listening to your heart as well.

All of these have input to offer, and none of them should be ignored when deciding on where to direct your feet upon your life’s chosen path.


Daily Self Kindness

I bought Fruity Pebbles as a treat for myself.

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