Moving Forward Tarot Reading

Tarot Arte de Luna Rivas

Card to represent current state.

Ocho de Bastos – You are feeling like your momentum has been disrupted and that you have dropped the ball on things you wanted to get done. You worry about “falling behind” because of this, which you perceive as being even worse than stalling out for a time.

What I am moving towards.

Siete de Oros – Slow progress is coming. The realization that you have gotten more done than you realized will be upon you if you are open to seeing it. You aren’t stalling out or backsliding and losing ground… you’re just moving forward more slowly than you realize or are used to.

Lesson to be learned.

Cuatro de Copas – Pick and choose your battles. It’s okay for certain projects and things that need done to get set on the back burner so that you can train your attention on what is right before you. That doesn’t mean you’re abandoning those other projects, only that other concerns and priorities need to come first.

How the lesson will help me grow.

La Muerte – Slowly, as seen in the Siete de Oros above. This lesson is a study in slow and gradual change, and how it is okay to take things slow instead of rushing in and pushing yourself too hard.

How the lesson could hinder me.

As de Bastos – It will force you to “slow your roll” on new projects and inspirations. There’s only so much time in a day, only so many things you can take on at a time. Sometimes you have to accept that you just can’t do all the stuff you want to right away… or, in some cases, at all.

Final outcome.

El Carro – Determination will carry you through, no matter the speed you are moving at. Just keep moving.


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