Hidden Beauty Lenormand Reading

Hidden Beauty Reading with the Forest Path Lenormand

What seeds have been planted in my life?

Tower and Moon – It’s time to bring awareness to the emotional isolation that depression can create.  Pay attention to this issue and make sure that you take steps to mitigate this influence.  By bringing attention to this issue, these cards are planting a seed that can allow you move into a healthier head space and help you stay open to others even during darker times.

What is beginning to grow that may surprise me?

Heart and Clover – Just how very lucky in love you truly are.

How can I take this time to appreciate the beauty that is around me?

Mountain and Tree – This has nothing to do with the actual meaning of these cards, but as an encouragement to get out into nature and go hiking among the woods in the trees. Many of my mountain trails are starting to open back up, although there’s still a lot of snow. But, as a trade-off, there are not a lot of hikers. It is a perfect time to get out there and enjoy this part of nature that will become crowded later on and you’ll want to avoid n preference of more secluded spots.


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