Morning Bonus Read – The Syllabus

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Use your divination tools to write yourself a syllabus for the lessons you will learn for the remainder of this year. Include sections such as:

Dominion Exquisite Playing CardsCourse Objective

Ace of Clubs – Rousing up the passion in your creative spark to carry you forward through the months ahead.

Required Materials / Reading

Six of Diamonds – Make peace with the past so that you can set it aside for a time.

Jack of Spades atop Ace of Hearts atop Ten of Hearts – Strategically begin orienting yourself in the direction of what you want to happen and begin shifting your focus towards the prize you want to achieve.

Five of Clubs atop Eight of Clubs – Prepare for battle. Get your prep work done before the busy season begins.

Accommodations and How to Get Them

King of Spades atop Eight of Spades – Don’t be shy about speaking up about what you need. You may not realize something is available to you until after you voice a need for it.

Two of Spades atop Four of Diamonds – Lean into stability. Riskier choices will be open to you, but it will be better to stay the course than change direction in the middle of things.

Need Help?

Two of Hearts atop Nine of Spades – When things do not feel like they’re going your way, make sure that you are leaning into those closest to you for their support and encouragement.


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