Morning Bonus Read – Virgo Season

The Insect Tarot - Virgo Season Tarot Reading

Card that best describes me currently.
King of Wands

Although you are not paying attention to the fact that you do this, you inspire others through your passion and your directness… your forthrightness. You allow your true self to be seen, and it sparks enthusiasm and others as a result. Even in things like presenting your depression, your mistakes, and your opinions honestly, you give inspiration to others to do the same.

How can I improve my ability to “go with the flow”?
Page of Swords

Remember that although not all new ideas are good ideas, a great number of good ideas come from new ideas. Accept that a seed won’t share with the world whether it is a good seed or a bad one until it starts to grow. You can’t weed what hasn’t sprouted yet. This means you have to have patience and let things move along at their own pace until you have all the information that you need.

Why should I begin to ask others for help?
The High Priestess

Your intuition needs the support. When you overburden yourself, it affects your intuition, creating blocks to your natural ability to see and understand the unseen. Asking for help can in turn help you, and free up that space for your intuition to continue to stretch and grow.

Why I sometimes feel misunderstood by others.
Two of Swords

Your motivations and opinions are your own, and so are your values and your principles. Your moral compass is what guides you, and it is attuned to you and you alone. Sometimes when you make decisions based on this moral compass, others won’t understand why are you made the choice that you did or how you came to the conclusion you have. When you waffle, they may not understand for the same reason… because they’re moral compass is not aligned with yours, and so they don’t see why you hesitate.

How I can start to see the perfect in my imperfect self.
Eight of Cups

Let go of expectations and step away from what you know is unhealthy for you. Demanding perfection from yourself isn’t healthy, and neither is pushing yourself to your limits and beyond them. Abandon these unhealthy habits and find a path that feeds your soul through a healthier outlook and healthier treatment of yourself.

A new healthy habit I should explore.
Three of Wands

Embracing changes and moving forward with a plan, rather than allowing those changes to cause you to stumble, hesitate, or fall.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Virgo Season

  1. You’re always an inspiration, man. Not just to me but to others as well.

    I can see it very plainly in discord with that group, but I’ve also seen it among others elsewhere. You’re always so true and genuine and…amazing. You are amazing

    Liked by 1 person

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