Morning Bonus Read – Finding Inner Strength

Neurotic Owl Tarot

Your inner strength. The area you can seek support.

Eight of Swords Rx – Your ability to see and understand far more than what meets the eye.

The foundation. Digging for the roots without disturbing them. This is where they cradle the core of your being.

Eight of Pentacles Rx – Find comfort in having the many skills that you have honed and made strong. You may only focus on one at a time, but they are all a part of your foundation, and it gives you comfort to know that you have more to offer, and more to fall back on if needed.

Barrier. What is between you and your own power?

The Hermit – Your tendency to spend too much time alone. Although a long time can be good for you, too much alone time is not.

Burden. What is holding you down and keeping you from finishing your journey? This card is always read as if reversed.

Two of Swords Rx – A lack of inclination to actually make a choice. This is not surprising, since I am not really interested in getting to the “end” of my journey yet. A part of my lesson in this lifetime is to enjoy the journey itself rather than focusing too much on the destination. This is something I didn’t understand a few years ago, but has come to light as I’ve begun delving into self-care and looking deeper within myself.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Finding Inner Strength

  1. Too much alone time is not good, but I know you will enjoy just a little bit of it…and your bed again now that things are getting back to normal.

    *Grins about enjoying your journey not your destination* Why make a choice when you can have it all, hm?

    I love you man

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