Seek the Light

Today’s meditation was skipped because I pulled an all-nighter last night, and I knew that if I laid down to meditate I was going to fall asleep and sleep for hours. I had a lot to get done today, and couldn’t afford that sleep.  So I skipped instead.

Journey of the Sacred Bee Tarot and How to be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Sun card, which is traditionally a representation of happiness, success, joy, and the celebration of life.

Hints of little tugs on the depression side of things have been whispering quietly in the background lately.  Emotional upset has made them louder, and my anxiety is not helping.

The advice here between the affirmation card “Seek the Light” and the Sun card is that I need to take more time to pay attention to the stuff that makes me happy.  Seek out those things that lift my spirit and provide hope and happiness in my life, and spend some time enjoying them… and celebrating them.


CoffeexTarot’s Who’s Your Spirit Guides? Prompt
Questions for August 17th thru 19th

Really F*ing Obvious Divination Cards and the Sacred Bridges TarotHow do I strengthen our connection?
Proceed with Caution atop Spirit Needs a Lift, Five of Waters Rx atop Kali

“Don’t do it. I will latch on and suck you dry.”

This guide wants to connect on their own terms, and only when they are needed.  They are not around all the time, and have no desire to be.

What hopes do you have for me?
ssSatisfaction atop Too Small, Ten of Waters

“My hope is that you will start paying closer attention to the needs of your body and listening more closely to what it’s telling you instead of disregarding it’s complaints.”

This is something I do a lot due to the chronic pain I deal with, but sometimes it can be a problem if it means I’m not actually following up on problems, or neglecting my body and paying for the repercussions of that.

What potential do you see in me?
Seek Medical Advice and Ten of Staves

“I see the potential for big growth and a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure.”

There is lots of brightness in these cards. Positive outcomes and happiness. This guide sees me as capable of all these things and that I deserve them.


#DiscordTarotholicsAug2021 Challenge Prompt
:  What kindness do I need to gift myself with?

Journey of the Sacred Bee TarotReading Summary:  Be patient with yourself (Seven of Disks) as you step into the depression that is coming (Three of Swords). Lean into patience rather than moderation (Alchemy Rx), and work at staying conscious of yourself and your thoughts during this time (Princess of Swords).

Take Away: Its coming.  You know it’s coming.  It’s okay to let it come, just make sure that you stay aware of what’s happening and don’t let yourself sink into it.  Your inner dialogue is a fierce son of a bitch, and he won’t help you right now.  Lean away from that voice and into the patience that’s recommended here.


Daily Self Kindness

I did end up napping today, regardless of skipping the meditation in order to avoid that happening. Apparently I needed at least a little bit of a recharge.

One thought on “Seek the Light

  1. Still a good message, even if it came days ago. Look to the positive, seek it out, find it…

    Let me soothe you when it’s at all possible. Anything and everything we can do to keep you from sliding down that slope.

    And yeah, man, you needed that nap. Your body can’t just keep running on no sleep forever. I’m glad that you took it, love

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