Weekly Creativity Prompt – In Case You Need It

Prompt: “Pull three cards, and use them combined with the last text that you sent (or received) on your phone to tell us a (true or fictional) story.”  (I cheated and drew more than three cards.)

Le Corte dei TarocchiThere was once a powerful king (‘L Imperatore) who ruled over a vast kingdom with a wise and just hand.  He took his responsibilities to his people seriously, and took care to ensure all under his rule flourished and were well cared for.

One day, this king got in an intense dispute with his best friend, another king that ruled a neighboring kingdom.  The truce between their kingdoms was broken during this argument, and war broke out. Many died in the battles that ensued, as they lashed out at each other and tore down the strong and thriving society that they had built between them (La Torre de Babele).

One day when he was lying in bed with his wife, he was speaking with her about these troubles and how everything was falling apart and seemed to be slipping through his fingers.  The previous queen (his mother) had advised  him that he had married well, and told him that there would come a time when his wife would become invaluable, that she carried within her great wisdom he would one day need (La Papessa).  He had been young and reckless at the tome and scoffed at her words, but on this night as they lie abed, he spoke with her from the heart and she spoke to him of temperance and patience (La Temperanza).

In their discussion, she had him look back upon his time with his friend and consider how things had gone wrong. What had the turning point been that lead them to the violent dispute they now found themselves in with their neighbor?  What could he have done differently? (Il Guidizio)

With her wisdom and guidance, he was able to see how useless the argument with his friend truly is and he reached out to his old friend to begin the path towards setting aside their differences and moving on in a new direction in which they could grow together once more (La Morte).


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