Morning Bonus Read – Birth Charts Reading

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Let’s mix divination and astrology! Draw one card (or tile) for each of the planets in your birth chart, and see what the cards notice about each planet’s placement and meaning. If you’re familiar with your birth chart and its meaning, compare what the cards say with what you know or can learn from other sources.

I want to give a special thank you to the Astrology Owl site, which is where the astrology information in this post came from.  They’re site is very well organized and quite extensive, and I highly recommend the site for anyone seeking a quick look at any variety of Astrological aspects in their chart. My chart was looked up using the Astro-Charts website.

Felix the Cat Playing Cards

Sun (overall you)

Two of Diamonds – Always juggling responsibilities and trying to find the continually shifting sweet spot of balance. Unfortunately that juggling sometimes feels like a hell of a lot of work. Grounding helps immensely.

12th House 11° 17' Taurus - "You want to enjoy life’s moments and the pleasures that are available to you. A hopeless romantic you take your time in love and when building a relationship. There is a desire to succeed in life in a traditional way but on that same note you are deeply in tune with your own values making your pursuit of success authentic to you. You zodiac sign is associated with the earth element giving you a deep spiritual connection to the cycles of Earth, growth, and stability. You recognize that life is better enjoyed when you feel secure and stable in your relationships and environment." [Source]

Moon (your emotions)

Three of Clubs – Your emotional journey is uniquely yours. You have a plan and you’re trying to follow it… but you have a habit of lagging off now and then and losing track of what you’re doing. Still moving forward though, even then.

6th House 4° 53' Scorpio - "Highly perceptive and aware of the motivation of others. You desire to keep your emotions deeply private, often finding you need a few close confidants to open up to. As a Scorpio Moon you need an outlet for pent up energy. There is a sensuality and seductive quality to your interactions with others. The Scorpio Moon is associated with the water element. This gives an emotional and passionate overtone to your personality. In order to feel secure with someone you need loyalty. You take your relationships very seriously as you deeply invest yourself emotionally in everything. " [Source]

Rising (how you seem at first glance)

Six of Hearts – Generous, easy-going, welcoming. Appearing as if you know more about what’s going on than the average Joe, and may be willing to share that information with others… maybe. Good at self expression. Able to blend into the background or not, depending on what’s needed.  Old soul.

1° 14' Gemini - "As a Gemini Rising you will be playful and outgoing even if the rest of your chart implies a shier disposition. You will certainly have a way with words! A Gemini Ascendent will give you a natural curiosity about the world and a youthful and casual appearance. You have the ability to fit in anywhere making your style very chameleon like. A Gemini Ascendent will be adept with... getting their point across accurately. People are instinctively interested in getting to know you more." [Source]

Mercury (your mind and communication)

Ten of Hearts – Always open to communicating my positive thoughts and feelings, but not so much the negative ones. Finds communication with people that you’re comfortable with far easier than acquaintances and strangers.

12th House 23° 30' Taurus - "This Mercury placement in the natal chart provides the individual with a methodical mindset. You think things through developing ideas down to their absolute core. There is an ability with this placement to sum things up succinctly and accurately... As Taurus is an earth sign there is a very practical approach to communication when Mercury is placed here. When you engage in most conversations there is typically a reason behind what you are saying and you tend to have a very logical mental pathway... Change can be difficult for you as there is an appreciation for routine and predictability." [Source]

Venus (your love and attraction)

Queen of Clubs – All in, once you’ve made the decision. The fact is though it might take you a while to get there as you think things through first. You want others to see your way of thinking and how you do things. Supportive of others dreams.

1st House 23° 5' Gemini - "The Venus in Gemini individual will love having interesting and varied conversations with people. You will quickly leave a conversation that does not immediately grab your attention. You often enjoy word puzzles, keeping busy, and having fun. You will have a natural ability to...often knowing when people are lying to you and picking up on the hidden meaning behind what someone is saying. As a Venus in Gemini you absolutely dislike boredom. You ensure your environment and the people around you are keeping you mentally stimulated. " [Source]

Mars (your drive)

Eight of Hearts – Temporal. Everything is great until you let go of the balloon. Trying to juggle too much and ending up frustrated and having to let go of things instead of finishing them.  A need for fairness in life, which when isn’t present creates a fight against injustice.

10th House 16° 24' Aquarius - "You do not shy away from conflict with this placement but rather embrace the raw passion of fighting for the underdog. Nothing motivates you more than creating social change or having a run in with authority. There is an anarchist nature about you that is driving everything you do. You choose not to live by other people’s rules but instead your own convictions. As a Mars in Aquarius individual you have made your peace with the idea that you will not fit in. You were not made to follow the crowd. You are a visionary." [Source]

Jupiter (your luck and growth)

Jack of Spades – You will come out on top no matter what. It’s not about determination so much as it’s about adaptability and enjoying the climb on the food chain ladder. The challenge that can often feel like a game, and can be enjoyable as long as there’s sure footing and solid ground under your feet.

12th House 12° 19' Taurus - "Jupiter in Taurus in the natal chart will give your personality a creative and earthy flair. You will have an earth goddess vibe to you as you give off an energy of effortlessness and natural beauty. This placement is nurturing and indulgent. You are flirtatious and enjoy the attention of many love interests. There may be a tendency to keep your feelings to yourself. Jupiter in Taurus will give you the know-how on building wealth. You naturally enjoy security with this placement and will therefore do what you can to create a stabilizing career or streams of income. You typically enjoy life’s luxuries and do what it takes to have the funds to do so. " [Source]

Saturn (your sense of discipline)

Ace of Diamonds – Easily distracted by new and shiny projects and manifestative ideas. Wants to try everything.

8th House 2° 13' Capricorn - "Individuals with this placement are very deep thinkers and typically ambitious, although rarely apt to admit it. You tend to like work that is steady, reliable, and predictable. Saturn in Capricorn individuals are often very successful in the work they choose although will often having many failed attempts before they find success. People with this placement have great stamina tending to loosen up later in life once they find the success they were searching for. Saturn in Capricorn indicates a childhood with strict rules and restrictions often giving you a complex of not believing you are “good enough” for the people in authority. This tendency may have caused you to place unnecessary pressure and deadlines on yourself. When you do not reach the goals you have set you tend to be pessimistic or feel depressed about yourself. The energy of Saturn in Capricorn gives you a sense of duty and responsibility even for light-hearted and fun situations." [Source]

Uranus (your tendency to change)

Six of Spades – You are more likely to walk away than you are to change yourself to fit the situation. Your harmony is in finding those people and things that suit you, not changing yourself to suit them.  That said, you have a remarkable ability to adapt to changes around you when needed, making it look far easier than it often is.

8th House 0° 45' Capricorn - "The Uranus in Capricorn in the natal chart generation brings a rebellion to established systems of government and authority... desire radical changes in power structures. You tend to have a very linear mind... typically have the gift of foresight and can often sense events or disasters before they happen. This generation has a very inventive mind and enjoys practical applications of their ideas. Seeing ideas take shape in the physical realm is very satisfying to individuals with this placement. You are often in tune with alchemy, metaphysics, and the occult. " [Source]

Neptune (your dreams and intuition)

Six of Diamonds – Your intuition is often used to help others. Oh, you also use it for your own self benefit, but it is something that you enjoy offering out to others when you are able.  Your dreams are often shifting depending on what you’re focused on at the moment, but you’re fine with that as long as you have something to focus on and keep you busy.

8th House 10° 5' Capricorn - "Capricorn is associated with being very grounded and practical while Neptune is associated with dreams, fantasy, and delusions. Neptune in Capricorn is pulling dreams into the physical realm... There is an impulse to be spiritual but a need for evidence. You may go through periods of time in your life where you have a total rejection of your belief systems only to upcycle them at later dates. Neptune in Capricorn gives you a sense of spiritual connection and makes the often reality focused Capricorn more open to metaphysical and psychic experiences. Neptune in Capricorn individuals are working through the restructuring of how society expects one to make money. You may dream up and implement ways to create your own income outside of the traditional methods. Neptune in Capricorn individuals are bringing awareness to society’s often unhealthy relationships to work." [Source]

Pluto (your power and transformation)

Five of Diamonds – You are the Hanged Man. Transforming struggles and hardship into learning experiences and lessons. Pausing to think and take value from even the hardest of experiences. This allows you to be open minded, even during times of struggle.

6th House 11° 12' Scorpio - "The Pluto in Scorpio in the natal chart generation is here to transform society’s relationship to elements of life often thought of as private. Individuals born during this time are helping society accept things once thought of as taboo. Important life themes for the Pluto in Scorpio generations include sex, the occult, and death. You are bringing a restructuring to society’s view of these things. You are hoping for greater tolerance of sexual expression, spiritual connection, and uncovering aspects of life that have been repressed. You are asking people to address the shadows that exist in life and not create a facade that pushes reality farther and farther away. " [Source]


I would say that in most cases, the astrology text I found and the card interpretations are both spot on, but that they went in different directions.  This could be because I’m not well versed enough in astrology to have understood the planetary representations properly, though.


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