A Path of Little Miracles

Today’s meditation was just over fourteen minutes long, and was the first installment of the second foundations series in the Balance app. The meditation focused on a review of what was learned in the initial foundations series that I’ve just recently finished, which is to say it was about the different breath work tools and body scanning that have been taught previously.

Tarot of the Nile and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Seven of Coins, which is traditionally a representation of slow growth over the long term, sustainability, and investing time or energy in something over a long period of time.

Regardless of the Egyptian theme of the cards, the imagery itself is very traditional in this card, with the farmer looking on at the gains that come from taking things slow and fostering growth.

Combined with the affirmation card for today, the message I get from these cards is about the journey to one’s accomplishments, not just the accomplishments themselves.

Just because something takes a long time to accomplish, doesn’t mean that there aren’t little miracles and treasures to enjoy along the way. The Seven of Pentacles and this affirmation card are a reminder that we need to enjoy the journey instead of focusing too hard on the destination at the end of the road.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheAugustTarot #SOLTarot Prompt
Questions for August 10th thru 12th

Sacred Hags Oracle and Journey Into Egypt TarotWhat is a predominant or recurring theme in my life?
The Wild Child’s Prophecy and Prince of Cups

The restart. Taking on life with a fresh look at the halfway point in one’s life. Realizing we were too closed off and too beaten down by the past. You’ve chosen to start over rather than carry on that legacy further into your life.

This is the route at the very core of my emotional growth and the journey I have set myself upon. I understand the experiences from my past have poison the well, and instead of trying to siphon the poison out… I’m digging a new one.

What is a major lesson for me, my journey, or my life?
Juniper Smoke and Six of Coins

It is often hard to remember to pause and reflect, to take time to connect to the world around us, and really be present and hear what the earth and the air and the elements are trying to say. They whisper secrets, but it is only when you are still and quiet that you can truly hear what they have to tell you.

Slowing down as one of my largest struggles in life and a part of the journey mentioned in the previous question’s answer. Taking time for meditation and allowing myself the time I need out in nature is so much harder than it seems like it should be. I know this is because of the influences from my past push upon me a need to punish myself.

The lesson is about being generous with myself and allowing myself that time and space to tune in to the earth and the whispering voices of the elements. The space and calm needed to connect on a deeper level.

What can I personally do in support of my best life?
The Cailleach’s Crag and The Lovers

Balance and a healthy perspective require focus on all aspects of one’s cycle of growth. It’s not always about progressing. Sometimes it’s about resting, and sometimes it’s about things dying off to make room for new growth later on.

Being in the moment and making healthy choices for yourself requires that we focus on what is happening in the moment, not what is coming. So when you’re in a moment when it is time to slough off old things, be in that moment and do what needs done, rather than looking ahead and counting your chickens before they’re hatched. Same with when it’s time to rest.


The #MysticStarChallenge at the Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Questions for August 10

Tarot of the NileWhat message does The Lovers have for me?

Page of Wands – Make sure that you are making good choices when you pick the things that you want to delve into and explore further. You don’t have as much room on your plate as you think you do.

What obstacles does The Lovers want to warn me about?

Ten of Cups – You may find yourself feeling delayed and struggling to see a good perspective in your situation at that time. Don’t worry about it… just wait and work on looking for the good.

What guidance does The Lovers have for me to overcome this obstacle?

The Hanged Man – Remember that everything happens for a reason and whatever it is that is holding you back, it has a purpose, and you will be carried forward again eventually towards where you want to be in the end.


Daily Self Kindness

I stood up to say something was wrong tonight when Gideon and I were in play instead of keeping it to myself and trying to muscle my way through my responses.

One thought on “A Path of Little Miracles

  1. I’m glad you told me, baby. I wouldn’t want you to push through or have to -try- with me. It should never be something that you need to try with…

    I’m glad you told me and I’m glad that we were able to get back on the right path tonight.
    Maybe you need a bit more Alexandros in the next little bit of time, yeah? Both for Tatsu and for Yurei. You’re in need of some TLC, I think.

    Trying to be too brave and pushing through isn’t a good idea right now with losing time and depression waiting in the shadows. Lean on me, my love. Communicate and connect with me…tell me what you need, tell me how you feel. I need that communication so I can help you through and be the best that I can be for you.

    I love you, my heart

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