Weekly Creativity Prompt – The High Priestess

Prompt: Pull the card from your deck(s) that matches the card posted below. Compare the imagery between the card provided and the card from your own deck. How would you read them differently and why?

The High Priestess - Tarot of the Hidden RealmTarot of the Hidden Realms – In this imagery, the High Priestess beacons us into the night as she dances among the moths and moonlight. She has secrets to tell, you can see it in her face and the crook of her finger, but in order to hear her secrets, you have to be willing to dance her dance and listen with open ears and an open mind.

Tarot Manouche Universel du XXIe Siecle, Isekai Tarot, Grand Elixir Tarot

Tarot Manouche Universel du XXIè Siecle – Here we have a veiled woman beneath the moon and night sky sitting among flowers, a bird, and horses. The is an innately earthy quality to this High Priestess, and a studiousness within the book she holds.  The night and the moon speak of the secrets she holds, and the book of her willingness to share.  The animals in this speak, again as seen in the Tarot of the Hidden Realm, a willingness to share if you’re open to hearing what she says with an open heart and mind.

Isekai Tarot – The traditional pillars that stand sentinel before the gateway of secret knowledge are present in this cardx, a carry over from the classic RWS imagery for the High Priestess.  When I first looked at this card, I thought that the young girl kneeled upon water, and in truth?  I can’t let go of that image in my mind. Night’s darkness and water are the overwhelming themes here, both of which speak of secrets and inner knowledge, intuition, and feeling your way.  The girl’s gaze is direct, speaking to a willingness to share, while her body language says “come in closer”.

Grand Elixir Tarot – Here in this High Priestess, I see the least approachable of the female figures.  With eyes downcast, her head tipped forward, and her hands holding her scroll in close, she does not appear to interested in welcoming others close.  Instead, she keeps her knowledge to herself.  The traditional pillars are present, but unlike in the Isekai Tarot card, the figure here stands between them to block passage rather than to invite others in. The crying blind infant suspended behind her right shoulder in this imagery speaks to me of standing one’s ground. Her secrets aren’t free… even if you throw a fit about it.  You have to earn them instead.

Side Notes – The resounding, repeating theme in all four of these cards is in the moon, which in this case is a representation of the unknown and the subconscious, and the female figure in the cards which is a representation of inner knowledge, intuition, and the divine feminine.  The mood of each card changes, but they all hold this central theme between them.


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