Transitioning from June to July

NOTATION:  I did not finish interpreting this spread here on the blog.  I got some of what I needed from it at the time of the reading, but I just never got around to writing it all down.   Regardless, I want to place this on the blog to make sure I have a record of it to look back on.

Month End Tarot Reading - Spiritsong Tarot and Pure Magic Oracle

Here and Now, I Am The Wheel atop The Sun, Salamander

Leaving Behind Seven of Shells and Telekinesis

Focus Forward Queen of Feathers and Mantra Medicine

Negative Influences Nine of Acorns, Songbirds atop Voudon Roots – Someone is trying to fuck you. Don’t turn a blind eye. Make sure that you are diligent in your words. Doing another severing would be a good idea.

Positive Influences Page of Acorns and Burning Man

Relevant Shadows Eight of Crystals and Hecate’s Path

Lift From The Past  Ace of Acorns, Astral Travels atop Florida Waters

Future Event to Prevent or Overcome Seven of Acorns and Brigid

Approaching Opportunity Page of Feathers and Ancient Amulets


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