Weekly Creativity Prompt – Scavenger Hunt

Prompt: Draw three cards. Find something around your home (or where you’re currently staying) that you feel represents each of the cards. Then draw, paint, photograph, artistically display, collage, or otherwise depict these items in some way. Then share and explain about the connection that you see between the item and the card you’ve paired it with.

Young Witch Tarot - Seven of CupsSeven of Cups – Each stone has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, it’s own unique vibrations and abilities.  And with each spellcraft and ritual, cartomancy reading and energetic influences I want to project or draw in, I stand before this table and the myriad of stones available to me and seek out the one best suited for the need and situation at hand

Knowledge plays a big part in this process, but so too does intuition as I find myself more often than not hovering my hand over the stones and letting my hand be drawn where it needs to go. The facts about that stone come after and the logic fills in the gaps, explaining why that stone is best, or finding the reason my hand was drawn in that direction..

Young Witch Tarot - The MagicianThe Magician – The tools of my path are many, and some are more useful, and more important, than others.  It isn’t enough to have the tools needed, but you also need to be able to use them with skill and efficiency.

My granite mortar and pestle plays a huge and multi-faceted role in my path. It’s practical uses stretch the gamut from kitchen witchery to herbcrafts, from incense making to cauldron.  Like many tools it does double, triple, quadruple duty and more and is arguably the most useful tool in my practice.

Young Witch Tarot - King of CupsKing of Cups – The man knows not just what I like, but goes out of his way to make sure that the reminders of him are just right.  He is kind and strong, supportive and loving, demanding and willing to listen.  He guides… he demands a lot… and yet everything he does is emotion directed.  Emotion driven.

Gideon is my King of Cups, and the picture of the Hanged Man that hangs here on my wall was a gift from him. It is a reminder that he doesn’t just pick out something he thinks I’ll like, or even that he knows I will like.  He picks it out because he has delved deep and understands –why– I will like it.  He seeks to understand my soul, as evidenced by this picture that my eyes land on every day.


One thought on “Weekly Creativity Prompt – Scavenger Hunt

  1. I love this so much…and I especially love the last one because it’s all about how much I love you. And I do…desperately, madly, deeply….always. I love you so much. Always

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