Weekly Creativity Prompt – What You Feel

Prompt: Draw a single random card from your favorite deck and share with us how the card makes you feel.

Tarot of the Hidden Realm - Page of SwordsOkay so my first feeling is the need to cover up her nipple.  I mean, I’m just sayin’, and I know it’s totally my upbringing but it just… yeah.   So anyway.  That aside

What I see in this card is focus.  That keen focus that comes with a depth of concentration and investment to here everything else falls to the wayside and all that there is is this one single thing.

Some people call this type of focus “being in the zone” and others call it “flow”.  In fact I’m pretty sure that there’s a book specifically about “Flow” and how to harness it for your needs and purposes.  I think that some people find this mental space easily… and others have either never experienced it or do not find it easy to sink into that space at all.

I personally find this mental space often and I think that there are times when I find myself “missing time” that in fact what has happened is I have slipped into this “flow” of concentration and just forget to re-emerge for a time.  The rest of the world and my actions within it go on autopilot while I am focused so deeply on a concept or idea that I don’t even notice… because for me in that time, nothing else exists.

What this card makes me feel is familiarity.  An awareness of those times I have slid into that mind space, and a familiarity with it through observation of the figure in the card also lingering within “the zone” as I so often do when working on something I have a good deal of interest and investment in.


One thought on “Weekly Creativity Prompt – What You Feel

  1. Okay so I don’t know if I would have noticed the nipple or not, but as soon as I saw that word I couldn’t -stop- seeing the nipple. *Chuckles*

    I have definitely seen you in that “flow” space, more than a time or two through the years. That absolute focus of attention(and attention to detail) is a beautiful thing to watch. Especially when you see what comes out of them.

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