Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Woods

Prompt: Pull (at least) three cards use them to tell a story in which the characters are warned not to go into the woods.

Tarot ResomThe Woods

“Don’t go into the woods” they said, but he just couldn’t resist. He went every day. Some days for just a few minutes, and other days for hours and hours on end. Sometimes in the darkness of wild storms, and sometimes during clear skies with the sun or moon to light his way. (The Fool atop The Devil)

He didn’t understand what they all were so afraid of. Nothing bad ever happened when he visited the woods, and so he became confident and comfortable in his visits. (The Magician atop The Moon)

He would wander for hours, lost in his own thoughts while he marveled at nature’s splendor.  He admired the birds and their fluttering wings, the squirrels and their speed and ingenuity, and even took joy in the slow trek of the snails moving over forest floor and fallen logs (The Sun atop The Hermit)

One day in his wandering he came to a small grove covered in moss and was so enchanted that he decided to sit for a while and enjoy.  He found a comfortable spot to settle upon the ground beneath an old tree and as he watched the creatures and plants go about their daily routines, he became very tired. The exhaustion came upon him suddenly, and soon found himself so tapped of energy he had need to lie down upon the ground. (The Lovers atop Temperance)

While lying upon the ground, he watched motes of pollen swirl through the air like dust motes in the light of the setting sun and a great sense of peace overtook him. Soon, he let his eyes close and breathed in the fresh air fragrant with pine needles and damp earth. He imagined himself cradled lovingly in the palm of the earth’s embrace and as he drifted off to sleep, he felt as if he was slowly sinking into a deep and heavy darkness. (The Empress atop The Star)

And indeed, as he slept, he was embraced by the earth. Foliage crept close and roots shifted to make room. (Death) He was gently lowered deeper and deeper beneath the soil as it shifted to cradle and accept him within.  So in tune with the earth, so comfortable within her embrace, he yielded to her without alarm or fear and became one with the earth without ever waking from his deep sleep. (The World)

And alas, the young man was never seen from again.


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