Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Woods Part 2

Prompt:  Pull (at least) three cards and use them to tell us a story about new beginnings.

Little Twin Stars Love TarotThis is part two of a previous story… The Woods – Part 1

As the young man sank beneath the earth and was accepted into her womb (The Empress), tendrils of roots slipped beneath skin and drew forth from the man’s body the essence of the man (Death).

The man’s essence traveled up from the roots of the tree to its trunk and branches that stretched high overhead (The Chariot), and in the embrace of the canopy of leaves and branches, a new bud began to grow.

Through the fall and winter months, the tight little bud remained snug on that branch, hiding the miracle within as the cold months passed by. (The Hanged Man and The Hermit)

Then one fine spring morning after the last of the morning frosts had fallen away and the world grew warm again (The Star), the little bud began to swell and the tight clench of leaves began to ease their grip (Temperance).

As the folds of leaves unfurled, the essence of what had once been the man burst forth (The Fool), his new form a small and glittering thing of earthy greens and browns with  fluttering wings that shimmer in the rays of the sun. (The World).

Others like himself darted out from the leaves of the tree, coming to greet him with eager enthusiasm and together they spirited off into the depths of the forest to play like motes on a summer breeze. (The Sun and The Lovers)


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