Weekly Creativity Prompt – Mamma’s Boy

Pull up to three cards use them as the inspiration to describe a ghost
as well as where (or who) the ghost is haunting.

Terror TarotGordie spent his life so wrapped up in his addictions (The Devil) to the point that he no longer had any control over his life or his surroundings (The Emperor Rx).  He fell into one habit and addiction after another, lead astray by other’s whims and his own temptations again and again until one day his body decided that it had had enough and he died.

When he passed, his mother’s (The Empress) grief was so great that Gordie worried she might never recover.  He felt such huge guilt over his failures in life and having disappointed her so much, that he decided to stay with her (The Fool) instead of allowing the light that tried to pull him away from this earthly plane (The World).

Choosing to stay for his mother, he followed her around, trailing after her like a lost puppy (The Fool again).  Sooner or lather, though, she will pass as well.  And Gordie, having made his choice to remain, will then be all alone (The Hermit) with a solitary future stretching out before him.


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