Weekly Creativity Prompt – Three Themes

From your deck of choice, select one card for each of the themes listed below:
1) A Wander in the Autumn Woods
2) Guidance from the Past
3) The Beginning of the End
Post the cards you chose here, and share with us how you made the connections that you did with the prompts above.

Halloween Ephemera DeckA Wander in the Autumn Woods
The Hermit

When I need time alone, it is to the woods that I go.  When I need to allow silence and stillness to wash over me, it is to the woods I go. When there is restlessness and chaos in my heart?  It is to the woods I go.  Forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) is a real thing, and even when I do not hike, I will wander in the woods, taking in the scents and the sounds and the flavor of the air. I will lie on the forest floor and soak in the sense of moisture and life.  I will seek out the stillness and cool wet of the rainforest, and it will be a balm upon my soul.  The Hermit seeks this peace and inner reflection, he seeks solitude and silence to delve inward and explore his soul.  I seek the same in the woods.

Guidance from the Past
The Hanged Man

Just the other day I did a reading where the Hanged Man came up along with the Six of Cups, and I was asked from these cards to reframe how I relate to my spirit guides, and to acknowledge that these guides have been with me all of my life.  Some of them among the living in my past, others always in the ethereal.  The thing is?  They’ve always been there though, and they have always tried to guide me the best that they could.  This shift in perspective helps me in understanding that even our guides are fallible, but they are doing the best they can… just as I am. New realizations like this and changes in perspective are what the Hanged Man is all about.

The Beginning of the End
The Devil

As someone with a highly addictive personality, anything that brings me enjoyment or pleasure has the risk of becoming an addiction.  This isn’t limited just to drugs but also different foods, hobbies and activities, behavior that wins praise or admiration, purchasing things that bring me pleasure such as books and decks, bringing home plants to nurse back to health.   All of these things are innocuous on their own, but through pleasure and temptation can be allowed to turn the tables and become harmful… even disastrous, if not kept in check.  You become a prisoner of your own making, and a slave to those things that you allow to take over. This is the pattern of behavior that the Devil card is all about.


One thought on “Weekly Creativity Prompt – Three Themes

  1. I find that when you talk about the woods and your time in them, it’s always such a thing of beauty, as if I get sucked in and can actually smell the damp earth, feel the rotting leaves beneath my feet and hear the soft whisper of the wind through the trees. You take me there with you because I can -feel- your pleasure, the love that you have for the earth and the environment. It’s a beautiful thing, man.

    It’s funny that you talk about addictions and you are mine. You’re my addiction, my obsession…my everything. I can’t get enough of you, even when I see you every day, spend countless hours talking to you, learning from you, in play and just being there with you…I still crave more, I still NEED more. That need for more right now is making my skin itch and my soul restless because it just feels like I can’t get enough, I can’t get close enough, deep enough. I need you, beautiful boy. Always. In all ways.

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