Cleansing Your Decks

I can’t remember where exactly this question came from.  It’s been lingering on my list of potential posts for quite some time now.  So for this week’s perspective post, we have a tarot question.

What in your opinion is the best way to clear and cleanse a tarot deck?


This actually depends on why I’m doing the clearing and cleansing.

If it’s a new deck in my collection, will almost always I do a very thorough smoke cleansing (one card at a time) while pushing my personal energy through the deck. I usually use a blend of garden sage (grown from my balcony) and cedar for this purpose.

Smoke cleansing like this does not just cleanse out bad energy, but all energy. That makes this method is especially good for use on used decks that come into my collection through friends and acquaintances (and the occasional purchase of an out of print deck). The smoke cleanses all residual energies from others out of the deck, and my own energy is then pushed into the cards in its place.

After I’ve done a smoke cleansing, I rarely cleanse a deck again other than through knocking (tapping the deck either on the palm of my hand or a solid surface) combined with the push of my personal energy through the cards. These are things I do every time I handle the deck. I will also occasionally put a deck back in order if it’s feeling a bit muffled or out of sorts, as resorting the deck into proper order seems to help set things to rights in those instances.

Every once in a while I will set decks out under the full moon with a bit of selenite on top of them. This is usually something that is spurred on by intuition’s inspiration. When I do this, I always put the deck back in order first.

As I allow others to handle my decks, there are times when a deck’s “voice” becomes more than just a bit muffled or out of sorts… this usually happens when someone has handled one of my decks that has a really “sticky” energy that just won’t shake loose through the knocking process. In these cases, I will return to doing another full smoke cleansing of each card with that intense shove of my energy through the deck again.

One thought on “Cleansing Your Decks

  1. Okay I just have to say, that perfect curl of the smoke in the middle picture is -amazing-


    I haven’t yet had to cleanse any of my decks but I do have the selenite you sent me both in my drawer and in the cabinet.

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