Loving My Body Tarot Reading

Loving My Body Tarot Reading with the Maker's Tarot

How can I improve my relationship with my body?

Page of Swords Rx atop Eight of Swords – Stop ignoring and otherwise bypassing what you know that your body needs.

Why should I stop being at war with my body?

Four of Pentacles Rx atop Six of Pentacles Rx – Being stingy with your body (and thus neglecting your body’s needs) erodes at the strength of your foundation, making it more of a house built on sand than built on stone.

A commitment I can make to treasure my body?

Nine of Cups – Don’t focus so much on what you’re lacking, but rather on what you’re grateful for where your body is concerned. You have a lot to be grateful for and appreciate.

How can I show appreciation for my body?

Three of Swords – This is an echo of the answer to the previous question, which is to say that you need to make sure you are looking at the good and on what you can improve, instead of focusing on and judging harshly those things that cannot be changed and need to be moved on from. Holding onto harsh feelings about these issues only drags you down.

How can I cultivate a new way of loving my body?

King of Cups – Compassion and control are the keys to cultivating a new way of loving your body. Make sure you are being understanding of your limitations, while at the same time focusing on what you can improve and maintain without negative judgment. Don’t look at your body, it’s strengths and its limitations, through your eyes… look at them through his. What would Gid see and say?


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