Spring Equinox Oracle Reading

Exquisite Familiars Oracle

What is my current situation?

Lacrimosus tralucidus – Open and vulnerable, your inner wounds are on display.

What do I need to lay to rest with the winter?

Pisces vitta – The fear of being seen and worrying that in being seen, you are showing your weaknesses and vulnerabilities that others will want to take advantage of. You do not need to conceal what’s going on, nor use distraction and misdirection to keep people’s focus directed elsewhere.

Where in my life can I stand I have more balance?

Magma lolligo – There is a time and place for the force and rigidity of anger that can help you confront conflict and overcome challenges, but there is equally a time for adaptability and flexibility.  It’s important to be able to choose which is better for the situation… instead of just allowing yourself to go with whichever one rises up at the time.

What do I need to embrace with the coming light?

Electrophorus medusozoas – Feel that growing light and reflect it back out into the world as it helps you to reconnect with your purpose. Show others how to stretch into the recovery from your depression. Allow them to see it’s okay and can even be safe to share what they’re going through, and that there are others that are experiencing similar. They are not alone.

How can I best nurture the seedlings that are emerging?

Oceanum equus – Be careful that your well used defenses are not holding others at arms length or pushing them away entirely. Sometimes you don’t have to push to protect yourself from harm.  Passive caution is just as effective as aggressive action under the right circumstances.  Find the balance in this area.

What will be my source of joy, the bright spot in my life this spring?

Vulpes caudanovem – Your moral compass will not cause you to have to forsake moments of joy and the small pleasures that life has to offer. Look to home and hearth for comfort, and seek out the little things in life that you enjoy as often as you can.


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