Another Full Moon in Cancer Tarot Reading

Transparent Owl Tarot

I know I have already done a Full Moon in Cancer spread for this full moon, but this one caught my attention and I really liked the questions, so I decided to do a second one.

Where is your emotional self out right now?

Three of Pentacles – Still in “work mode”.  It’s been a few weeks since the end of the holiday rush, but you’ve not quite made it fully out of that protective shell yet.  You’re working on it, and you’re getting there… it’s just taking some time.

What insecurities do you need to face?

King of Pentacles – Stability needs. Control freak needs.  You are very much “rule with a tight fist” when it comes to the comfort and stability of your home life. You delved into this a little bit last summer and the root of fear that feeds these insecurities has been exposed, but there’s still more work to go in this area.

How can you nurture yourself through this transit?

Five of Pentacles Rx – Don’t let struggles hold you back, and make sure that you’re keeping an eye open for a helping hand.  You’re not alone, and although there will be hurdles this month, they aren’t the end of the world… even if they may feel like it in the moment.

What changes are in the works for you right now?

Five of Wands – Connecting to motivation through the things you are most passionate about. This means that you are being the opportunity to learn to be more flexible in getting things done that you’d like to do (and how they get done) instead of butting heads with others at every turn.

Lasting outcome of this full moon in cancer.

Ace of Swords – New and better communication strategies with others going forward.


One thought on “Another Full Moon in Cancer Tarot Reading

  1. You still being in “work mode” makes sense. I can definitely see it

    And you’re still holding most of your emotions pretty tight to your chest too.

    It’s just gonna take some time before you allow yourself to take that breath and acknowledge that rush is finally over.

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