Cherishing What Is Before You

Today’s meditation was just about ten minutes long, and was just me and my breathing exercises along with some piriformis stretching.

Vintage Christmas TarotToday’s draw is the Four of Pentacles, which is traditionally about stability and gratitude (sometimes to excess, which can turn miserly) for what you have. This is a stagnant sort of appreciation that speaks of not reaching for more, but instead being focused on what you have in the now.

After running around all day yesterday getting things done, today is a day of rest. There is no plan to go anywhere or do much other than some chores around the house.

The imagery in this card is about family and the reminder here in the Four of Pentacles today is to appreciate this time with those dear to your heart. The message here is not to worry so much about what’s coming in the future, and instead be present in this day and this time with loved ones.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheDecemberTarot The Path Ahead Tarot Challenge Prompt

 Yule Oracle

See Only With LoveRibbon (Elegance, Formality, Exclusivity) – Take tie this season to try to see your mother in another light. Changing her isn’t in the cards and she sees nothing wrong with her behavior, but you have the opportunity to shift your perspective and find a view that allows you to find peace with her and put to rest expectations you can’t possibly have fulfilled by her.

Speak With Love – Candy Cane (Sweetness, Strong Foundations, Drawing In Love) – Make sure that you are expressing to those around you how you feel about them.  Only the good, though. Focus on the good and let the irritations and other issues go for now.  Use this tie for bonding and pulling those who matter close instead.

Listen With Love – Ornament (Wishes, Ancestors, Beauty) – Now that the holiday rush is over it’s time to open yourself back up to messages from your ancestors and the guidance that they can provide you. Open your heart and your intuition, and allow them to help guidie you toward those things you really want in life.

Mind Boundaries – Bells (Purification, Warding Off Evil, Clarity) – Make sure that you are paying attention to the energy that others are directing your way, and deflecting the negative. Don’t ignore it and think that it will go away on its own, instead deflect and cleanse that negativity out immediately.

Be Kind – Pomegranate (Beauty, Fertility, Promises) – When you take the time to be kind over this season, it will be reciprocated in turn.  Like a smile creates another smie and thus spreads smiles onward through the world, kindness can also travel and spread in the same way, and in turn make the world a better place a little at a time.

Know Your Power – Hot Chocolate (Sympathy, Nourishment, Comfort) – You have the ability to provide comfort and nurturing to those around you with your grounded presence and energy. By spending time with those that are mourning their loss this year, you are giving them more than sympathy, but also support and a greater sense of stability that is currently lacking in their lives.

Be Balanced – Caramel Popcorn (Hiding the Truth, Irresponsibility, Material World) – Don’t allow the addictions that were getting out of hand prior to the holiday rush to step back in and progress as they had been.  The rush has given you a chance to renegotiate the tightness of those chains and find a better fit. Keep with that.

Honor Your Word – Elf (Assistance, Workmanship, Secrecy) – There are a few things from earlier this month that you need to get done now that the holiday rush is at an end.  Readings that need done, specifically.  Make sure over the next week you reach out to these people to get these promises taken care of.

Blessed Be – Christmas Tree (Abundance, Life, Immortality) – Don’t worry about the future right now.  It is bright and beautiful, and filled with promise. Focusing on the what-if scenarios and worrying won’t solve anything and will only hold you back. Focus on the good instead.


OwlandBonesTarot’s #DecemberBones2021 Tarot Challenge Prompt

Vintage Christmas Tarot and Seasons of the Witch Yule OracleNaughty King of Cups – Gideon is my personal King of Cups, and as such this card is encouraging spending some… naughty time with Gideon soon. We have been planning some pirates period-piece type roleplay for after the holidays and I have absolutely no doubt that naughty is sure to fill many of those hours.

NiceThe Sun – This is a reminder to look towards the light.  Have fun. Work on keeping an optimistic view as we move through the few weeks ahead.  The end of the holiday rush has a habit of dumping you into a bit of a drop, and the reminder here is that to couneract that effect, you need to work at staying positive.  It’s not going to happen on its own.

ClarifierMerriment – Have fun! Both during your time with Gideon and on your own as well. Look for the joy and enjoyment in every little thing.  Stay focused on the fun so that the drag of the slump that the end of the holiday rush creates doesn’t pull you under.


Daily Self Kindness

Although I brought work along with me on this trip, I haven’t touched it. Not even today when we stayed home all day and relaxed.

One thought on “Cherishing What Is Before You

  1. Good!! You are supposed to be relaxing and recovering and enjoying this time with family.

    I know you are a bit torn about your mother and where you are but you need this time in a safe loving space as much as Ms B needs the help and the company. This is good for you.

    And maybe the key to having more pleasant visits with your mother is keeping those visits short and sweet.

    Don’t give her time to turn things sour and if she does? Then it’s time to go and find others who can be pleasant and will actually enjoy and appreciate your company.

    I love you

    PS. Bring on the naughty time


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