Weekly Creativity Prompt – Strength

Prompt: Pull the card from your deck(s) that matches the card posted below. Compare the imagery between the card provided and the card from your own deck. How would you read them differently and why? Share your card(s) and your interpretation differences between the imagery on them cards.

Tarot of the Hidden Realm - StrengthTarot of the Hidden Realm – Together the wolf and the girl stand. Although I do not see persuasion here other than in the dynamic of such an unlikely companionship, what I do see is the strength that comes in numbers. The strength of support as two lend to each other their strengths, and use them to make up for the other’s weaknesses. They are stronger together than either could ever imagine being separately.

Tarot Matryoshka, Flower Essence Tarot, Sortilegium Tarot

Tarot Matryoshka – Here in this card we see savagery not tamed, but in a moment of being controlled The man holds the tip of the serpent’s mandible in his grip. Eye contact is full on as the man holds the serpent still. It appears that it is not the hold of the hands that keeps the serpent from striking here, but rather the eye contact that signifies a battle of wills, perhaps between one’s civilized nature and more savage inner instincts.

Flower Essence Tarot – Figure skating is a skill that takes a lot of inner strength and determination to excel at. Here we see a skater that, from the path of her skates carved into the ice to the posture and pose of her body, has clearly put in the time and effort to improve herself.  Added to this imagery, we have the elements of the Elm and Gorse plants, both of which carry metaphysical properties that speak of the strength of the heart, and in this card speak of having the strength within to follow what is true and right for you.

Sortilegium Tarot – Here we see a lion tamed by a beautiful woman, which is very similar to traditional imagery for the Strength card. The lion sits patiently, pleased by the attention she gives him and soothed by her petting and care. The water below is quiet and calm, speaking of serene emotions.  This card indicates that you can get more with sugar than vinegar.  By being kind and gentle, the woman has created peace, where a more forceful approach would have resulted in resistance and chaos.


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