Weekly Creativity Prompt – Halloween Candy

Prompt: Halloween is upon us! In celebration of a favorite holiday of mine, I challenge you to draw five random cards from your deck (or different decks), and decide what candy (different for each card) that you think fits each of the cards you pulled. Show off your cards, and tell us what candy you matched with them and why you made those choices!

Legend of Zelda TarotThe DevilReece’s PeanutButter Cups – You know the little bite sized ones that are individually wrapped? Oh god I love them so much.  I can just eat and eat and eat them.  I can, in fact, go through an entire bag of them without even realizing it… and still want more.

The MoonMixed Chocolate Gift Boxes – I hate them. Absolutely completely hate them. Especially the ones that don’t give you any guide to what chocolates are what? It turns out that I pretty much dislike most of what is in these boxes, and have to guess my way through the different candies just to find those two or three I like.

The Hanged ManWerther’s Originals – Okay so, these candies? I always think I don’t like them. And then I put one in my mouth and I’m like “eh.. it’s okay”, but by the time it melts down to nothing? It’s so good! I have no idea how it happens, but every single time, it’s the same.

The HermitPixy Stix – I have to eat these alone.  If I don’t hide them and eat them alone?  My sister steals them from me.

The SunWerther’s Creme Savers – Whether the orange flavor or the strawberry flavor, these candies were always so good. They were discontinued quite a while ago (although I hear they brought them back recently?) but they are absolutely the best non-chocolate candy I’ve ever had. The flavor is so light and bright, yet also somehow comforting.


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