Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Haunted House

Prompt: Draw (at least) three cards, and use them to tell us a story describing a visit (real or fictional) to a creepy haunted house).

Ghoulish Garb's Terror TarotWhen I woke up here, I didn’t understand where I was or how I got here, I just knew that this is where I was supposed to be (The High Priestess).

The feeling was so strong, that I lingered for a long time (The Hanged Man), and when others came, I convinced them to stay with me (Strength).

We chose our rooms and made ourselves at home, becoming a part of the creaking wood, warped glass windows, and crumbling mortar (Temperance).

And now, when the living come, which they always do with their bright and shimmering energy and vibrant full color lives (The Star), we show them who this house truly belongs to… and always will (The Emperor).


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