Morning Bonus Read – August

Belle Époque Lenormand - August Lenormand Reading

What clarity will August bring?

Star – August is a time to get in touch with the optimism that you’ve let slide over the summer months and bring it back into focus.  It’s good for you, and it helps you in your journey and growth.  Focus on finding the positivity and optimism, and instilling more of that into your life.  You need it to help lift you out and away from the rim of depression’s pit.

Is there an adventure that is calling me that I shouldn’t ignore?

Scythe – Yes. But it isn’t that you shouldn’t ignore it because you want to go down that path, but rather because you need to be aware that this possibility is there so that you can avoid it.  You’ve lost time this last week, and you run the risk of it turning into a slide down into depression’s pit if you don’t get a handle on things and pay attention to how close you get to the pit’s lip.

What can I do to open my heart to all the potential for self expression that this month’s Leo New Moon can offer?

Fox and Fish – Go with the flow, but be clever about it. A raft that floats down the river will get further by taking the easy, free flowing path than the one littered with rocks to navigate around and possibly hung up on.  In both instances you are going with the flow, but one executes strategy in the journey.  Don’t resist the flow of life around you, just make sure you’re paying attention and navigating instead of floating along and being beaten by the rocks along the way.

How can I magnify the imaginative energy that this month’s Full Moon in Pisces may bring?

Man – Lean into time with Gideon and the creative play that we can enjoy together.  This time together doesn’t just magnify your imaginative energy, but is also a soothing balm to your soul.

How can I make the most of the long days of summer?

Stork – Again, go with the flow.  The summer months are beginning to wind up.  Don’t allow yourself to resist the shifts taking place as autumn approaches, but instead let them flow around you.  Tensing up and digging in your heels won’t change anything, nor solve anything.  Instead, embrace the shift into the harvest season to come.

Overall theme for the month of August.

Cross – You’re tired.  You are worn and you have been struggling. August is a time to deal with these feelings and recover from them.  Whether they are physical, spiritual, emotional, or otherwise… you can’t carry them forward any longer and August is giving you the time and space to release these things and step free of the weight you have been  struggling under..


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – August

  1. Maybe it’s time to bring out the therapets cards again, yeah?
    I was wondering earlier if this was something I should be worrying about, with you losing time and that bit of a drag in your mood.

    We need to lift you up, babyboy, don’t want you sliding down into the darkness again, that climb out is long and hard and miserable. Be here with me, my love. Hold onto me…we’ll get through this together.

    I’ve got you man. Always

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