Weekly Creativity Prompt – Feeling Your Way

Prompt: “Draw a single random card from your favorite deck and share with us how the card makes you feel.”

Okay, so this isn’t perhaps my absolute most favorite deck, or even the most favorite deck I’m using this month.  But, it is one of the favorite decks I’m  using this month and I’ve really connected with it well and am enjoying it a great deal.

The Alchemist's Garden Tarot - Two of Cups - Rosa multiflora - Rose - ConnectionTwo of Cups – Rosa Multiflora (aka. Rose) – Connection

Throughout history the rose has been revered as a flower of love and the connection between people. Whether the color is red for passion, yellow for friendship, white innocent love, or pink for admiration, the rose is all about the connections that we make with each other and the communion of energies and emotions that are a part of humanity’s makeup.

When I see this card and Rosa multiflora imagery, the clusters of pink roses speak to me of that inter-connectivity and how people need people. This isn’t a single long stemmed rose, but rather it is a variation of multiflora, which grows with clusters of flowers gathered together.

Whether we are an extrovert or an introvert, all people thrive in connection with others… some thrive in large groups, and others with just one or two close people. But, it is that connection between people that helps bring depth and breadth to life as a whole, and most suffer in some way when it is not present in their lives in some manner.

The Alchemist's Garden Tarot - Root of Pentacles - Metrosideros excelsa (aka. Pohutukawa) - NurtureRoot of PentaclesMetrosideros excelsa (aka. Pohutukawa) – Nurture

The Pohutukawa is an evergreen of the myrtle family that is endemic to New Zealand. The kahika flowers that this tree produces offer sweet nectar, while the strong roots that can even cling to rocky cliffs to support the colorful tree that towers above.

This combination of strength and beauty speaks deeply to me of the Queen of Pentacles and her strength… and her beauty.   She is supportive and warm, yet strong as iron.  She supports… she is sweet… and she is hard.

This card speaks to me of all these qualities.  It speaks to me of safety and stability.  Of someone that isn’t afraid to let their strength and stable foundation show, and can radiate beauty even as  they hold together all that matters to them.  It is a card that depicts a delicate and beautiful hand with an iron grip that will be used to support itself and others.


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